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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

Coming up on Neighbours, the mysterious Freya starts to cause people to grow suspicious, while Amy and Zara make a move that looks set to cause problems.

Here are ten Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

1. Concern grows for a struggling Leo

Abigail is taken to the hospital after falling from the sofa at number 32, prompting Leo to question what occurred and whether he is cut out to be a father.

While Abigail is alright and everyone is relieved, they quickly observe the impact the event has had on Leo and realize he is in desperate need of assistance.

Is there anything David and Aaron can do to help Leo get through this difficult moment in his life while they try to find of a way to aid him?

2. Freya starts to raise suspicions

A cricket match is taking place on Ramsay Street, and Levi decides to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce Freya to some of his neighbors. While the match is as entertaining as cricket is in Erinsborough, Levi takes advantage of the opportunity to learn more about what brought Freya to town in the first place.

She explains her motives and her narrative to Levi, and while some of it makes little sense to him, he is too enamored with her to care. Is Levi putting himself in jeopardy if the truth is revealed?

3. Amy’s latest move upsets Zara

Amy has had a difficult time since the hurricane because she not only lost her business, but she also spent all of her savings on a new one that is far from her comfort zone.

Amy is able to find herself a space at Toadie’s once more because she is unable to pay the flat, but there is a complication in the form of Zara.

Zara and Toadie don’t get along, and they’ve already had a few fights, so how will they manage with living together?

4. Freya makes a sneaky move

The link between Levi and Freya grows stronger, but it isn’t long before we learn that the newcomer is willing to go to extraordinary measures to attain her aim.

Despite Levi’s reluctance, Freya is able to persuade him to take her for a ride in the police cruiser, where she promptly inquires about the equipment used to track down suspects.

She uses the information she gets when he leaves her alone for a few minutes to do some spying, but will Levi’s employment be jeopardized as a result?

5. Zara makes a play with the popular kids

Zara didn’t have the best start at Erinsborough High – instigating an evacuation on purpose was never going to go over well – but now that she knows she’ll be there, she resolves to try to establish herself as one of the cool students.

She recognizes that she has a buddy who can make her appear cooler in the older Hendrix, but she recognizes that friendship is insufficient. She distorts the reality to make it appear as if there is a deeper connection, but her scheme is doomed to fail.

6. Roxy grows suspicious

While Levi is blind to Freya’s lies and deception, he has a buddy in Roxy who is eager to figure out what she’s up to. Roxy is taken aback after catching Freya in the act of deception, and she is desperate to figure out what Freya is up to – and why she is so focused on getting close to Levi.

Roxy’s attempts to learn the truth are stymied by Freya’s determination. Will Roxy be the one to figure out what the newcomer’s true intentions are?

7. The old Paul makes an unwelcome reappearance

Paul Robinson has been accused of numerous heinous acts over the years, but he hasn’t been at his most heinous in a long time – but that side of the ruthless businessman will be on display next week as he attempts to win over Terese.

Knowing that Terese is about to return to Ramsay Street, Paul determines that he must do whatever it takes to keep her at the penthouse, and his physical condition is exactly what he needs. He’ll only have to persuade her that he’s in considerably worse shape than he is…

8. Efforts to cheer up Leo fail

With Leo being aloof and withdrawn, his friends and family come up with a plan to cheer him up: a fishing trip. Unfortunately, it has had little effect, and Leo remains just as depressed as he was before they left.

With him growing increasingly distant from Abigail, especially since her accident, it’s getting increasingly difficult to predict what he’ll do next. But, if he does admit there is a problem, what will he do about it?

9. Karl and David look into Paul’s condition

Paul has gotten his goal, and he and Terese are finally back together — but only after telling a huge lie. While he is certain that his secret will remain hidden, he is unaware that suspicions are already forming in Karl’s mind.

Karl can’t explain what’s going on, so he enlists David’s assistance in figuring out what’s going on. But Paul will be hoping they don’t discover anything because if they do, he and Terese’s reunion would be cut short…

10. Leo makes a shocking decision

After some mild coaxing, Leo finally acknowledges that he is intentionally avoiding Abigail because he does not trust himself to keep her safe.

David and Aaron offer their support and try to persuade him that learning to be a parent takes time, but they are unable to persuade him. While weighing his options, Leo reveals a bombshell on the pair that leaves them startled – and has the potential to impact their lives forever.


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