10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week

    Next week on Neighbours, the show goes on the road as two Ramsay Street residents make a trip to Sydney, while Corey’s plans for Harlow continue to take shape.

    Here are 10 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

    Harlow is in danger

    Next week, Corey will continue his strategy to isolate Harlow from her friends and family, and he is coming closer to his goal. Harlow begins to appear out of sorts to people around her as the medications he has been slipping her start to take effect.

    Corey believes it will not be long before Harlow joins The Order, but he is unaware that David is beginning to detect something is wrong. Will David figure out what’s going on in time to save Harlow?

    Hendrix faces his future

    Hendrix is in a bad way after the dramatic battle on Ramsay Street with the Rodwell family, and Mackenzie and the Kennedys seek to calm him down.

    Susan warns Hendrix that now that his condition has been revealed, it may be time for him to inform his family what is going on, but he is uncomfortable with the concept. He eventually realizes what he needs to do, so he and Mackenzie begin making last-minute plans to see them in Sydney.

    The Rodwells deal with recent events

    The Rodwell family is realizing that relocating into the street may have been a mistake now that they realize Sadie is partly to blame for Hendrix’s precarious position.

    While Sadie is eager to collect her belongings and move as soon as possible, Andrew and Wendy advise her that they cannot simply flee their difficulties.

    A visit from Karl and Susan puts them at ease, but Hendrix’s forgiveness appears to be a long shot. Is Hendrix going to be able to get along with his new neighbors?

    Freya and Levi reconnect

    While it appeared that Levi and Freya’s potential romance had long since died, it looks like there is still hope for them. When the two run into each other, it appears that time and distance have helped, as they quickly rekindle the spark.

    Later on, Levi pays Freya another visit and realizes that there is still something between them. But, given everything they’ve been through, do they stand a chance of making things work?

    Melanie expresses her concerns in number five.

    Amy and Melanie should have started a great friendship by going into business together, but complications arise next week, and Toadie gets caught in the midst.

    With all of Amy’s recent dramas, Toadie has been a rock for her, but Melanie is beginning to feel as though he is investing too much of his time in her – especially since Amy continues leaving her to operate the Drinks Diva on her own – and Melanie’s impulsive redesign does not help.

    Will Toadie listen to her advice, or will Amy cause difficulties for Toadie and Melanie?

    David grows suspicious of Corey

    a cocky Corey is relieved that his efforts to alienate Harlow are beginning to bear fruit, but he is shaken when a brash David accuses him of vandalising Amy’s van.

    The vandalism is captured on tape, and the bright green shoes match Corey’s, but Corey insists he is innocent and sets about turning Harlow against David.

    Harlow refuses to listen to David’s worries, thus his scheme succeeds quickly. To make matters worse, Corey determines that they should leave Erinsborough entirely. Harlow’s situation is about to deteriorate dramatically.

    Glen is at a loss with Kiri

    While Glen’s initial rage at Kiri has subsided, the two are still not on speaking terms, and it will become evident next week that they have a long way to go before they can establish a new groove.

    Everything is becoming too much for Kiri, and she begins to believe that working at the vineyard with Glen is a bad choice. Glen feels responsible when he learns that she is considering resigning, and he is eager to find a way to make things right, but will he succeed?

    Terese and Paul prepare for a divorce battle

    Paul and Terese’s breakup hasn’t been easy, thanks almost entirely to him, but the battleground has been set, and the couple is preparing for a difficult divorce.

    Paul is determined that Terese receives as little as possible from the divorce, whilst Terese is sure that she deserves everything she is entitled to, including a stake in Lassiters.

    Paul is adamant that this will not happen, and it appears that the only option is to go to court. Will they be able to resolve their differences amicably before it gets that far?

    Kiri and Chloe become closer

    While Kiri struggles to cope with the Glen discoveries, she finds solace in Chloe, and the two become closer next week. They agreed to stay friends because they are housemates, despite their feelings simmering for a long.

    Kiri needs someone to chat to, so the two are up late, and Kiri asks if they may share a bed — platonically. Is this, however, the beginning of things heating up between them, and how would Nicolette respond if it is?

    Hendrix and Mackenzie head to Sydney

    Hendrix decides it’s time to inform his family what’s going on and travels to Sydney with Mackenzie by his side. They take some time to view the sights before seeing everyone, but it doesn’t take Alana long to realize that something is seriously wrong with her brother.

    Hendrix spills the beans on what’s going on and expresses his gratitude for everyone’s support. And reuniting with his family forces him to make a significant decision.


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