11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

    The Parata family will suffer a new tragedy on Home and Away next week.

    In other news, Dean is humiliated by his mother’s love life, while Cash’s relationship with Jasmine hits a tipping point.

    Here’s a complete list of the 11 major events coming up.

    Ari’s decision has wreaked havoc on his family.

    Ari mulls over the devastating news that he is terminally ill and that the only way to extend his life is to undertake a risky medical operation. He expresses his opposition to the surgery.

    Mia, Tane, and Nikau are all taken aback by this, but Ari insists that a life spent in prison or confined to a hospital bed is not one he desires. He’d rather die on his own terms, surrounded by those he cares about.

    Ari and Mia tie the knot

    Mia finds it difficult to accept Ari’s decision, but she recognizes the need of making the most of the time he has left. She moves their wedding date forward, and it will now take place in the hospital.

    Ari is dressed in a suit by Tane and Nikau, but they refuse to say why. When Mia enters the hospital room in her bridal gown, everything becomes evident.

    In the awful circumstances, Ari and Mia improvise their vows as they commit to each other.

    Ari passes away

    Ari passes out at the end of the wedding ceremony, shocking his family. Logan analyzes him and advises the family to prepare for the worst.

    Later, the family gathers at Ari’s bedside to hear him sing a passionate Mori song before he takes his final breath. Ari’s death has left Mia, Tane, Nikau, and Chloe sad.

    Mac has a problem.

    Ari’s death creates a rippling effect throughout the town, with everyone mourning his passing. Dean recalls how Ari stopped him from making poor choices and guided him in the right direction.

    Meanwhile, Mac is distraught at Ari’s death and first refuses to tell Logan about it. Logan is very aback by her reaction, since he had no idea Mac’s romantic past with Ari was so significant.

    When Logan finds Mac crying in the Salt storeroom, he urges her to talk about her former partner’s death.

    The tragedy overshadows Ryder’s good news.

    Ryder says that he has completed his studies at TAFE. Despite his joy at the news, he prefers to keep the celebrations low-key while the Parata family mourns Ari’s death.

    Alf, on the other hand, has different ideas and plans a family lunch at the Stewart residence to celebrate Ryder’s accomplishment. Ryder is embarrassed to be drinking champagne and eating nice cuisine while others are grieving, so he skips his own lunch celebration.

    Ryder and Theo come up with a brilliant concept.

    Ryder texts Chloe to express his support, but he wants to do more to assist the Parata family.

    Theo proposes that they commemorate Ari’s life with a film project that includes contributions from members of the community who wish to share their recollections. Theo and Ryder are ecstatic about the prospect of finally putting their video-making skills to use.

    Felicity and Ryder have a strong bond.

    Ari’s death, Ryder says, has brought up memories of his own father’s death. He confides in Felicity, knowing that she had lost her father as well.

    Felicity asks Ryder if the ache ever goes away. In response, she provides him some straightforward advise, conceding that the agony will never go away, but that acceptance will become stronger.

    Ari receives his farewell.

    Ari’s tangi, a traditional Mori funeral rite, is held by the Parata family. Ari’s body is kept in an open coffin at the Parata mansion, and friends and relatives are welcomed to pay their respects to him.

    Tane, Nikau, and the other Mori men conduct an impassioned haka in Ari’s honor when it comes time to return his body to New Zealand.

    Dean is humiliated by Karen and Brett.

    Following Dean’s intervention, Karen and Brett reconcile. Unfortunately, as they transform the Astonis’ farmhouse into their own personal love nest, the couple goes from one extreme to the other.

    Dean is mortified to have to consider his mother’s sex life, and he begins to worry that she is overstaying her welcome at Ziggy’s house.

    Karen and Brett leave the Bay in number ten.

    Ziggy understands Karen’s predicament, but she cautions Dean that they’ll have to kick her and Brett out at some point.

    Karen and Brett, on the other hand, are already making their own plans. Karen reveals that she will be relocating to the Bay to live with Brett, and that she will be leaving the Bay once more. Dean feels thrilled for his mother as she bids farewell under happy circumstances.

    Cash has a change of heart about Jasmine.

    Cash realizes that he really want to live with Jasmine after all, and he asks Irene for a key to her home. When Irene discovers that Cash hasn’t even told Jasmine about it, she rejects.

    Cash later gives Jasmine his toothbrush as a gift and tells her that he wants them to live together. Jasmine is perplexed as to why he has suddenly changed his mind.


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