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14 Shocking Spoilers for Next Week’s Home and Away: What’s Unfolding in Summer Bay?

Coming up on Home and Away, tragedy strikes in Summer Bay when Stevie succumbs to her injuries.

Elsewhere, passion ignites between Tane and Harper, and Bree is left questioning her feelings for Remi.

Here’s a full collection of 14 huge moments.

Stevie’s life hangs in the balance

cash newman and stevie marlow in home and away

Summer Bay is in chaos in the aftermath of Stevie’s shooting, as the film star lies critically wounded in Cash’s arms.

He tries to keep Stevie talking, but she’s unconscious by the time the paramedics arrive at the beach.

As Stevie is rushed to hospital, Remi storms the operating room and begs Bree to promise she’ll be okay. She complies, but Levi fears that Remi should be preparing for the worst.

sidney hits tane parata in home and away

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From the safety of her locked home, a frantic Felicity calls Tane and warns him to stay away from the club as there’s a shooter on the loose.

Just as Tane is processing the news, he turns round to see Stevie’s stalker Sidney standing nearby.

A chase ensues, but Sidney is able to get in another hit, which leaves Tane lying motionless on the beach. Felicity rushes to her ex’s aid and is relieved to find he’s unscathed.

Alf clashes with Troy

alf stewart in home and away

Meanwhile, Alf is trying to manage the mayhem at the Surf Club as Nelson and Stevie’s co-star, Troy, almost come to blows.

The cocky actor reckons everyone should be free to leave the building, but Alf sets Troy straight and points out they’re waiting for clearance from the cops.

Stevie passes away

cash newman and stevie marlow in home and away

Back at the hospital, Bree is desperately performing chest compressions on Stevie, determined not to break her promise to Remi.

It’s no use though as Levi gently tells her it’s time to stop – Stevie’s gone.

Bree calls the time of death before breaking the devastating news to Remi that Stevie didn’t make it.

Cash is in danger from Sidney

felicity newman, tane parata and cash newman in home and away

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Cash is next in the firing line when he arrives home to find an armed Sidney waiting for him.

The dangerous gunman refuses to believe Stevie’s actually dead and scrolls his phone for confirmation of a fatality.

Moments later, Eden returns home and Cash tackles Sidney to the ground while she rings the police to come and take him.

Sidney is arrested

tane parata chases sidney in home and away

Rose breaks the news of Stevie’s death to Nelson and the crew but asks they don’t publicise anything until the film star’s family have been notified.

She then dashes over to Cash’s place and places Sidney under arrest.

The evil killer cackles in delight to learn that Stevie is dead before being dragged away in cuffs.

Remi blames Cash for Stevie’s death

cash newman in home and away

Remi is inconsolable over losing Stevie and angrily rejects Bree’s offer of support.

Looking for someone to blame for the tragedy, he confronts Cash and accuses him of failing to do his job of protecting Stevie.

His words cut deep and Cash admits to Eden he feels Stevie’s killing is all his fault.

Old feelings resurface for Bree

bree cameron and remi carter in home and away

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Remi soon softens towards Bree and they share an honest conversation about their relationship.

Refusing to agree with her belief that their romance was defined by trauma, Remi tells Bree her survival instinct made him love her even more.

Bree gets swept up in the moment and leans in for a kiss before backing away, feeling ashamed that she made a move on Remi while he’s deep in grief.

The exes agree it’s best they give one another some distance, but privately Bree questions if she’s still in love with Remi.

John makes Dana cry

john palmer and dana matheson in home and away

Dana’s a bundle of nerves ahead of Tane’s trial as she rehearses her testimony at Salt.

As the big day arrives, John sees Dana dressed up for court and mistakenly thinks she has bunked off work to go to a social event.

His clumsy error brings Dana to tears and John is left feeling horrified when Marilyn reveals the truth.

There’s drama at Tane’s trial

tane parata in home and away

Marshall, Mali and Felicity all do their best to bolster Tane’s spirits as he heads to court for his trial.

Dana is first to take the stand and gets flustered by the aggressive prosecution. Harper follows her sister and tries a different tack – answering “I’m sorry, I don’t recall” to each question.

As the judge threatens Harper with contempt of court, hope for Tane is rapidly fading when Marshall learns that Sonia, baby Poppy’s mum, has changed her mind about testifying.

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Having lost their star witness, Marshall tells Tane he’ll have to take the stand in his own defence.

Marshall makes a risky move

tane parata and marshall in home and away

Marshall adopts a hard line of questioning with Tane and grills him about the circumstances surrounding the breakdown of his marriage to Felicity.

Both Tane and Felicity are furious at having their private problems being made public, but Marshall hopes his risky strategy will pay off.

However, Felicity later admits to Tane she’s happy to share their secrets if it means him walking free.

Tane and Harper sleep together

harper matheson and tane parata in home and away

Harper swings by the gym with a bottle of liquor to check up on Tane, and he thanks her for what she did in court.

A charged moment soon leads to something more and the friends end up sleeping together.

Next morning, Tane is relieved when the judge confirms he’s been spared jail and hands him a suspended sentence.

But as Tane heads out to celebrate, Harper is left wondering if he regrets their night of passion.

Mali wants to release Stevie’s spirit

mali hudson in home and away

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Alf is annoyed by a makeshift shrine to Stevie outside the Surf Club and reckons the community needs to try and get back to some normality.

He also asks Mali to restart his surf lessons, but he refuses to set foot on the beach for fear of disturbing Stevie’s spirit.

Mali and Kirby discuss the possibility of getting an elder in to perform a smoking ceremony to release the spirit.

The locals honour Stevie

mali hudson in home and away

Mali suggests holding a memorial on the beach for Stevie after being unable to find an available elder to perform the smoking ceremony.

Alf, Justin, Theo and Kirby join him for the service, and afterwards Alf watches on as the remaining four paddle out into the water on their boards to honour Stevie’s memory.


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