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15 Explosive Spoilers for Home and Away: What’s Shaking Up Summer Bay?

Coming up on Home and Away, Stevie’s life hangs in the balance after she’s shot by her dangerous stalker.

Elsewhere, Felicity and Mac finally call a truce, and Tane is convinced he’s going to get sent down.

Here’s a full collection of 15 huge moments coming up.

Stevie goes missing

embargo 24062024 cash newman and stevie marlow in home and away

It’s the first shoot day for romcom All Our Tomorrows, which is being filmed in the Bay, but Stevie Marlow has gone AWOL.

The film star is hiding out with Cash, knocking back the drinks and avoiding director Nelson’s phone calls.

After suffering a short-lived crisis of confidence, Stevie eventually shows up on set and Nelson furiously warns Cash this can never happen again.

Tane receives worrying news

marshall, harper matheson and tane parata in home and away

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With his court case fast approaching, Tane is busy preparing for the hearing with his lawyer Marshall.

Tane is already panicking about his lack of credible witnesses when Harper reveals she and Dana have been called to testify against him.

Marshall, on the other hand, is excited at the prospect of cross-examining the sisters and getting the chance to twist their words to Tane’s advantage.

Mali regrets hiring Kirby

mali hudson in home and away

Kirby proudly boasts to Rose that she got a guy’s number on her first surf lesson.

The atmosphere at Mantaray Boards turns sour when Mali overhears Kirby loudly gossiping about Mackenzie and Levi’s affair – something he’d already asked her not to do.

He calls her out on it, but Kirby’s lack of remorse and general lax attitude makes Mali question whether he made a huge mistake taking her on.

Mali and Kirby call a truce

mali hudson in home and away

Mali discusses the Kirby situation with Alf, who imparts his own typically quirky wisdom.

Later on, Mali confronts Kirby and this time she starts to take him seriously.

She agrees it’s not a good look to date students, but wants to know what other rules Mali wants her to follow.

Xander quits Salt

xander delaney in home and away

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Xander summons Mac and Felicity to Salt for a team meeting and urges them to put their personal issues aside for the sake of the business.

Mac tries to reach out to Felicity about Tane, but ends up aggravating her further.

Later, Xander reaches the end of his tether when he gets caught up in his co-workers’ latest spat and stuns Mac and Felicity by announcing that he’s quitting.

Felicity offers Mac an olive branch

felicity newman and mackenzie booth in home and away

Eden reckons the easiest way to solve Felicity’s issue with Mac is for her to sell Salt, but Xander provides her with some perspective on the matter.

Realising how much she’d be giving away, Felicity finally reaches out to Mac with an olive branch, and they agree to put on a united front at work.

With harmony restored, Xander agrees to rejoin them at the restaurant.

Levi lashes out at Eden

eden fowler and levi fowler in home and away

Levi hands his notice in at St Christopher’s as he looks forward to his future with Mac.

His good mood doesn’t last long when he runs into Eden, who accuses Levi of being too gutless to face up to what he’s done.

But Levi snaps back, telling Eden he lived 10 years without her and can do it all again if she doesn’t accept his new relationship.

Levi considers his future

levi fowler in home and away

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Eden is steaming after her latest blow-up with Levi and isn’t impressed when Cash suggests it’s time she just moved on.

Meanwhile, Bree catches up with Levi over coffee and floats the idea of him opening his own cardio unit in Summer Bay.

As Levi starts exploring the possibility, Eden shows up on his doorstep and agrees to back off and be civil – but for her own sake rather than his.

Justin has a romantic surprise for Leah

leah patterson and justin morgan in home and away

Justin receives his marriage certificate from John and decides to surprise Leah with it.

Managing to find a moment with his new wife proves tricky, as Diner co-owner Leah is busy dealing with the demands of the hungry film crew.

When John finally spills the beans, guilt-ridden Leah rushes home to find Justin has prepared a romantic dinner for them.

Remi and Bree get closure

bree cameron and remi carter in home and away

Remi’s head is all over the place, as he questions whether he’s still in love with Bree or feeling regret about dumping Stevie.

After a lot of deliberation, Remi concludes he wants to give things another go with Stevie, but she tells him to get lost.

Eden also urges Remi to find a way of getting over Bree, and the exes meet up to discuss their relationship. The conversation is cathartic for both Remi and Bree as they get closure on the past.

Remi and Stevie are back on

remi carter and stevie marlow in home and away

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Stevie decides she’s been too rash in rejecting Remi and approaches him asking if they can chat.

The pair end up doing more than talking, and their romance is soon back on track.

The next day, Bree witnesses Remi and Stevie’s affection and is genuinely happy to see he has moved on. Will Stevie and Remi make things official?

Justin turns movie star

justin morgan in home and away

All Our Tomorrows is thrown into crisis when Nelson is told that one of the supporting cast has broken their ankle.

The team start looking for a replacement who fits the actor’s measurements and Nelson sees that Justin fits the bill.

Enthusiastic Leah puts her husband forward for the part, and much to everyone’s surprise, Justin turns out to be a natural in front of the camera.

Cash gives Harper and Dana an idea

embargo 25092023 cash newman and harper matheson in home and away

Harper and Dana are fretting about testifying against Tane, so Rose tags in Cash to try and ease their fears.

Cash explains to a nervous Dana there’s no way for her to avoid taking the stand, but mentions a case he’d seen where a witness claimed amnesia to avoid answering questions.

Will the sisters try that tactic to manipulate the court?

Tane gets his affairs in order

tane parata and cash newman in home and away

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Marshall is honest with Tane and admits he could be facing 15 years in prison if he’s found guilty.

Fearing the worst, Tane meets with Cash to get his affairs in order and says he wants Felicity to have the gym if he gets sent down.

Tane also asks Cash to keep his sister away from the hearing tomorrow, determined not to put her through any further heartache.

Stevie is shot

stevie marlow in home and away

As the day of Tane’s trial arrives, Cash receives a terrifying call from his bosses to say that Stevie’s stalker Sidney Wickham has been released.

Sensing danger, Cash rushes to the beach where Stevie is filming an emotional scene for her character.

From the sidelines, a lone gunman takes aim and fires a shot at Stevie as Cash rushes towards her motionless body. Will she survive?


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