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6 big Neighbours spoilers: Baby danger, hug** s**x mishap, and Amy fights for life:



Abigail is in danger because her father, Leo (Tim Kano), is distraught and unable to think clearly. This results in a complete fiasco, putting Abigail in danger. Will Leo be held accountable for his daughter’s death so soon after her mother?

This week, Abigail isn’t the only one who is in danger; Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) is also in danger from her daughter. Amy is struggling for her life after a fierce dispute between the two. Will she make it, or will Zara be held accountable for her mother’s early death?

They believe sex declines after marriage, but Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milliganis )’s on the rise, and no matter what they do, it won’t stop. It’s difficult, but they make the best of a bad circumstance.

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is fighting to restore his marriage, but his plans are derailed when Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) expresses emotions for Glen (Richard Huggett). Paul will go to whatever length to ensure that he does not fall behind his brother; how far will he go?

And Levi (Richie Morris) finds himself in a dilemma as he begins to fall in love with a new mystery woman who may have hidden agendas. What is it that she wants from him?

Here’s what’s coming up next in Neighbours.

Levi’s falling for trouble

Sheila’s middle name may be Meddler, and she can’t seem to stay out of Levi’s love life. She is pleased with herself for setting him up on a date with Freya, but is she putting Levi up for a fall? Things heat up between Levi and this mysterious woman, but it rapidly becomes evident that she is after information. They go on a date, which goes quite well, and Levi senses that he is falling in love with her. Is she, however, acting in a self-serving manner?

Horny newlyweds face hard times

Roxy and Kyle are out on their honeymoon, preparing to consummate their new marriage, but Kyle is anxious about how difficult it would be following his recent therapy. Will you be able to keep up the pace? Potentially. To compensate, he covers himself in testosterone patches in the hopes of having a nice hour like a Frenchman. His strategy is effective. In fact, it works so effectively that he becomes enraged. But, well, why squander a good opportunity? He and Roxy decide to take advantage of their good fortune.

Paul fights for Terese

Because of her remorse, Paul is oblivious to Terese’s return to the house. Instead, he feels she can’t bear life without him and that they’re on the verge of ending their marriage. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Is it only to keep him pleased that she seems to be igniting with him? He persuades her to return.

seek marriage counseling in order to ensure that their relationship is truly saved. It proves to be a wise decision for Paul, who receives a revelation about himself. Is it enough to keep his marriage together? Is this hell? Paul’s world is turned upside down when he learns the truth about Terese’s move-in and that she has affection for Glen. She steels herself, expecting the proverbial to hit the fan, but Paul, who has recently been enlightened, instead shows understanding. Is he, though, simply manipulating her into staying?

Grieving Leo wants revenge

Leo is having a hard time dealing with Britney’s untimely death. He’s been left a single father without his sweetheart unexpectedly, and the trauma has left him numb. He can’t look after himself or his child, so Abigail isn’t on his mind. His grief turns to rage, and he vows vengeance – he wants someone to blame for his loss, and he picks the hotel. He intends to sue them, and despite his family’s best efforts to persuade him otherwise, he persists. Britney’s death must be held accountable by someone.

Zara leaves mum Amy fighting for her life

When Zara’s acting outreaches new heights, she is proving to be a real pain in Amy’s neck. Despite her good intentions, she becomes enraged when she discovers Amy has made a large purchase without notifying her. She behaves out at school, getting into an altercation with some cruel girls and Jane, and utterly losing control. Amy is taken aback when she discovers what her daughter has been up to, and she confronts her. Things get heated and aggressive, but Amy discovers the tragic truth: Zara is acting up simply to win her mother’s attention. Amy is immediately overtaken with anguish as they make progress and talk things over. Zara goes away instead of seeking assistance, leaving Amy alone and unable to breathe. Ned happens to come across her and gets her to the hospital, but as her health worsens, is Zara about to lose her mother?

Leo accidentally kills his baby?

Parenting is the last thing from Leo’s thoughts as he concentrates on vengeance rather than his child. This is a recipe for disaster. He takes his eyes off the ball due to his preoccupations, putting the baby in terrible danger. Is Leo about to lose both his lover and his daughter?


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