9 big moments coming up – huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

    What’s next in Summer Bay?

    Next week on Home and Away, Mac faces some tough decisions over her struggling business.

    Elsewhere, animosity between Nikau and Chloe grows further, while Jasmine meets two long-lost siblings.

    Here’s a full collection of nine big moments coming up.

    1. Mac struggles to fire Felicity

    As Salt faces a financial crisis, Mac realises she must make some difficult business decisions. She begins as she intends to continue by dismissing Felicity, citing a “last in, first out” policy.

    Felicity is adamant about not leaving without a fight, and she proves her worth to Mac by persuading the restaurant’s seafood supplier to take a break over a late payment for the time being.

    Later, Felicity goes even farther, suggesting that Mac organise some illegal poker evenings at the restaurant to get some additional money.

    2. Felicity upsets Jasmine

    Felicity plays pool with Jasmine, who recently learned of the death of her estranged father. Jasmine is taken aback by Felicity’s forthright words about the situation.

    Despite her prior claims that she didn’t care about her father’s death, Jasmine returns home in tears after realising that she hasn’t entirely coped with his abandonment all those years ago.

    3. Nikau accuses Chloe of theft

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    Chloe is becoming overly obsessed on her bond with Bella while grieving for Ari. When Bella prefers to spend time with Nikau, she grows envious.

    Nikau is horrified to see that his Taiaha, which he had been practising with as part of his warrior training, has inexplicably vanished. He jumps to the conclusion that Chloe is to blame, but she insists on her innocence.

    4. Nikau’s suspicions grow

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    Tane is irritated by the Parata family’s continued bickering in the wake of Ari’s death. Tane blames Nikau for the crisis and seeks to broker a ceasefire after failing to notice Chloe’s manipulative behaviour.

    Nikau’s missing Taiaha is later discovered in the bathroom by Chloe, who thinks it’s proof that he didn’t check for it thoroughly. Nikau is dubious of this, knowing full well that he didn’t leave it where Chloe discovered it.

    5. Tane saves Mia from a nasty accident

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    Tane keeps watch on Mia and discovers that her recent sleepwalking wasn’t a one-off incident.

    As Mia heads out of the house while asleep, almost walking into the path of an oncoming car, Tane rushes to the rescue and tackles her to the ground. Mia is woken up by the scary incident and is horrified as Tane explains what’s going on.

    6. Theo fears Leah’s return

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    Theo’s apprenticeship at the garage gets off to a good start, thanks to Justin and Ziggy’s help.

    Theo later learns that Leah will be returning home shortly after her visit to meet Dimitri in the city. Theo seemed to be concerned that Dimitri may have turned Leah against him.

    Justin, who is still oblivious of Theo’s horrific past, is perplexed as to why he is so concerned about Leah’s homecoming.

    7. Leah breaks some big news

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    Theo goes missing before Leah arrives, but Ziggy finds him and persuades him to return home.

    When Theo sees Leah for the first time in weeks, she informs her that Dimitri has no desire to rekindle their relationship.

    When Theo appears thrilled about it, Leah and Justin are both perplexed, not realising that he has very strong reasons for wanting Dimitri out of his life.

    8. Marilyn is honest with Logan

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    When Marilyn loses her cool and starts making rude comments again, Roo becomes concerned. Marilyn, Roo believes, is having a relapse as a result of her current health concerns.

    When Marilyn becomes irritated by Roo’s interfering, it’s up to Irene to intervene in a more discreet manner.

    Marilyn seeks treatment from Logan when Irene prompts her to do so. She says that she threw away all of her medication because she was embarrassed to be so reliant on it to function.

    9. Jasmine meets two siblings

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    Xander, a newcomer to Summer Bay, shows up on Irene’s doorstep and claims to be Jasmine’s long-lost brother. He and his sister Rose have arrived in the Bay.

    Xander and Rose say that they found out about Jasmine through their father’s will, which included some money for her.

    Jasmine is concerned that the newcomers are both con artists, but as Cash verifies their story, she must decide whether or not she wants them in her life.

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