9 big moments coming up – huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

    What’s next in Erinsborough?

    The Fashion Week story comes to a close this week in Erinsborough, but not in the way anyone expected.

    Meanwhile, a resident of Ramsay Street is about to be dealt a severe blow.

    Here are 12 spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

    1. Fashion Week kicks off

    Fashion Week is finally here, and everything is in set for an event to remember — but for all the wrong reasons for the majority.

    Hendrix is on hand to support Mackenzie with her catwalk debut, while Leo gets help from friends and family at the vineyard.

    Meanwhile, Karl and Susan are treated like royalty, despite Susan’s reservations about their investment. However, just as the day appears to be going smoothly, things quickly take a drastic turn for everyone.

    2. Amy’s big day ends in heartbreak

    Amy is apprehensive about her fashion performance at the event, but her friends are there to assure her that she won’t be disappointed.

    Unfortunately, when Harlow takes the stage, something that no one could have foreseen occurs, and Ned’s infidelity is exposed for all to see.

    Amy is heartbroken by the treachery, with everyone in attendance surprised and a furious Paul demanding words with Ned, and Ned will not be able to talk himself out of this one.

    3. Montana is arrested

    As if an outed affair wasn’t bad enough, Montana is arrested by the cops during Fashion Week. Fashion Week comes to an end in an instant, and Terese realises the gravity of the situation and what it implies for Lassiters.

    Terese begins to learn more as the day progresses, and she realises that Paul was aware of everything that was going on the entire time. However, with no proof in hand and Lucy on the way, her tenure at Lassiters may be coming to an end.

    4. Karl and Susan lose their savings

    Despite witnessing Montana jailed and hearing about her activities, Karl maintains that the investment will not be lost forever. However, when more evidence becomes available, Susan’s possibilities become increasingly grim, and she can’t disguise her rage.

    When they discover that the funds were used to pay off other obligations, the terrible reality of the situation hits them: they will not be reimbursed.

    Susan, distraught and enraged, advises Karl to go right away because she doesn’t want to talk about it. And Karl already knows where to go…


    5. Paul takes the heat for his lies

    As Neighbours Fashion Week kicks up, Ned’s secret is revealed!

    When Paul learns that Karl and Susan have invested in Montana’s initiative, he is understandably furious, but he makes a mistake when he pays them a visit, showing that he knows more than has been revealed thus far.

    Others begin to notice Terese’s suspicions once she expresses hers. That includes Leo, who deduces that Montana’s hasty decision to call it quits on him was influenced by Paul. While the man protests his innocence, no one will believe him.

    6. Ned faces the music

    Neighbours spoilers; Paul Robinson finds out the truth about Terese and Glen

    When Paul learns that Karl and Susan have invested in Montana’s initiative, he is understandably furious, but he makes a mistake when he pays them a visit and reveals that he knows more than has been revealed thus far.

    When Terese expresses her doubts, others begin to notice him as well. That includes Leo, who deduces that Montana’s hasty decision to leave their relationship was caused by Paul. While the man claims his innocence, he will find it difficult to persuade anyone to trust him.

    7. Terese hears bad news from Lucy

    Neighbours; Terese Willis has an UNEXPECTED visitor

    Lucy arrives in Erinsborough not to celebrate Fashion Week’s success, but to learn that it was a colossal failure.

    Lucy is furious that this could have happened and learns all the gory details about Montana’s actions, including the fact that Terese was the one who pushed for additional money to be spent.

    Lucy refuses to accept Terese when she says she knows Paul is to blame, and instead informs Terese that she is no longer employed by Lassiters. Paul’s plan appears to have gone off without a hitch.

    8. Paul gets an unlikely housemate

    Harlow Robinson of Neighbours will be framed by a scary new enemy.

    While Paul may have gotten the victory he desired with Terese’s firing, he still has to cope with the public’s belief that he knew about Montana all along.

    That comes back to bite him when Karl shows up unannounced at the penthouse with a bag — he’s moving in.

    Paul is appalled by the prospect and tries to persuade him to instead stay in a free hotel room. Karl, on the other hand, is sure that Paul is to blame for all that has happened with Montana, thus he must bear the consequences.

    9. Nicolette closes in on Glen

    As Terese receives distressing news, Neighbours exposes Lucy’s comeback narrative

    Even though Chloe and Jane both advise her it’s time to move on, Nicolette isn’t giving up on finding out what’s going on with Glen. When Glen begs if they can start over, she says yes, but she is still planning to expose him.

    Glen’s fears about Kiri finding out the truth reappear when John Wong informs him that Nic has been snooping. To make matters worse, Nicolette interrogates Lucy about Glen after learning of their friendship. How long before Kiri discovers who her father is?

    10. Hendrix gets devastating news

    Knowing that Mackenzie is depressed as a result of Fashion Week’s premature end, Hendrix seeks to cheer her up by telling her how fantastic she was as a model.

    While it works, the two are quickly sidetracked as Hendrix has a bad coughing episode. He realises he needs to get it checked out right away because it is so bad, so he goes to the hospital for a check-up.

    When Hendrix receives the results, he discovers that there is not just something wrong, but that it is considerably worse than he could have anticipated.


    11. Corey steps up his plan for Harlow

    With Harlow under heat for her affair with Ned, Corey realises that this is the ideal time to step up his strategy. He sets out to further isolate her from her friends and family in order to persuade her to join The Order.

    This includes vandalising The Drinks Diva van and accusing her of being the culprit. Will Harlow notice what’s going on or will Corey be able to convince her to join the cult?

    12. Hendrix deals with an uncertain future

    Hendrix is in need of support after learning that his only hope of survival is a lung transplant, but Karl and Susan are in the middle of another quarrel when he approaches them.

    However, Hendrix’s announcement brings the two together for his sake. They assure him that they would be there for him anytime he is needed, but Karl is still not allowed to return home. It’s evident that Hendrix faces a difficult path ahead of him as he considers his options.

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