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9 Emmerdale stars who played more than one role in the soap

Have you ever sat down to watch an old Emmerdale episode and noticed a familiar face in an unexpected setting? Due to the large number of cast members who have played many roles over the years, this can happen rather frequently.

As we recently revealed in a Hollyoaks feature, it’s usually in Soapland for actors to appear in minor roles before being cast as an entirely different character in the same program who appears on a more frequent basis.

There are just too many Emmerdale examples to discuss all of them, with 49 years’ worth of episodes in its archives. However, these are some of the most famous instances in which Emmerdale executives cast the same actor twice.

1. Tony Audenshaw

Last year, Tony celebrated his 20th anniversary as Bob Hope on Emmerdale, which will take place in September 2020. Tony has played a number of Emmerdale characters, including the beloved village barman.

Tony – then known as Antony Audenshaw – made his Emmerdale debut in the character of Acky in 1996. You might be wondering who Acky is. Long before Bob was serving pints behind the bar, he was a security guard at Frank Tate’s quarry and appeared in scenes at The Woolpack.

2. John Middleton

With an outstanding 21-year run as Ashley Thomas, the village vicar who unfortunately passed away in 2017, John cemented his place in Emmerdale history. However, before Ashley began giving religious advice to the villagers, John portrayed a different figure who aided the community in a totally different way.

In 1994, John appeared in two episodes as PC Jarvis as a guest star. Jarvis was a hostage negotiator who arrived on the scene at Home Farm to help resolve a siege scenario.

Two years later, John was cast in the regular role of Ashley.

3. Roxy Shahidi

Roxy has been playing Leyla Harding on and off since 2008, but she first experienced life in the Dales two years before that.

Roxy played Lila Wray, a shopkeeper at a store frequented by Debbie Dingle and Jasmine Thomas, in a single episode of Emmerdale in 2006.

Debbie attempted to gain a job at the shop, but Lila objected to her lack of qualifications and turned her down. Debbie was enraged by the setback, storming out of the store and knocking down a mannequin in an attempt to teach Lila a lesson.

4. Susan Cookson

Susan began portraying Wendy Posner in July of this year. Wendy’s savage treatment of Victoria sparked such outrage among viewers that it was easy to forget we’d previously seen Susan on the ITV series.

Susan plays Wendy for the fourth time in Emmerdale. Susan first appeared as a garage attendant in 1993, then as a detective constable in 1997, and then as DI Judy Dove (shown above) between December 2002 and January 2003.

Following the death of Louise Appleton’s dubious lover Ray Mullan, DI Dove had questions for her.

5. Katherine Dow Blyton

Katherine joined Emmerdale in 2013 as vicar Harriet Finch, however, she had previously been in the drama in the 1990s.

Katherine appeared in a single episode of The Twilight Zone in 1996 as a doctor who treated Roy Glover after he cut his fingers. We’d like to believe Emmerdale could cover this up by pretending Harriet was working undercover at the hospital throughout her stint with the cops.

6. Jonny McPherson

Jonny’s persona In July 2014, Dr. Liam Cavanagh began assisting the villagers with medical issues, four years before he became a regular figure. This wasn’t the first time Jonny had stepped in to assist the locals in a moment of need.

Jonny made an appearance in 2008 as Jonathan Boam, a doctor who assisted Donna after she was involved in a vehicle accident.

Jonny also regenerated into a nurse (shown above) who was on duty at the hospital when Jackson Walsh was killed by a train in 2010.

7. Liam Fox

Over the years, Bob has tried to be a good friend to Dan Spencer, but it’s possible that it’s partly because he recalls the time in 2006 when a familiar-looking police officer ruled in his favor.

Dan was played by Liam Fox in 2011, however, he had previously starred in the role of a police officer five years prior. When Tom King accused Bob of attempting to knock him down in the road, Liam’s character PC James came in the village.

PC James decided to let Bob off the hook due to a lack of evidence to back up Tom’s claims.

PC Tyrell in 2002 and 2003, and Officer Price in 2004 – Liam has previously played two different Emmerdale cops.

8. Louise Marwood

Louise received her first taste of life in Emmerdale and what it’s like to raise a commotion at The Woolpack four years before she was cast as Chrissie White.

Louise made a cameo as Fiona Heath, Nicola’s old school classmate, in 2010. Fiona was on a date with Nicola’s father, Rodney, but was taken aback when she discovered he was the father of one of her former classmates.

Chrissie’s tumultuous love life, on the other hand, much outweighed the drama of this episode.

9. Adam Woodward

No, we’re not confused — while Adam Woodward is now best known for his role as Hollyoaks hunk Brody Hudson, he previously appeared in two Emmerdale episodes.

Adam made an appearance in the Dales in 2015 as Grant, a B&B guest who had a disagreement with Nicola. When Grant approached her with a question, Nicola felt he was flirting, but all he really wanted to say was how much she reminded him of his mother.

Adam was invited back for six episodes in 2017 as male escort Nathan, a new character. Tracy Metcalfe paid Nathan to go on a date with Finn Barton in order to bolster her friend’s confidence, as seen by viewers.


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