9 huge Home and Away spoilers – Cold feet, manipulation and drunk sleepwalking

    On this week’s episode of Home and Away, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) gets the creeps when she realizes Tane (Ethan Browne) is serious about their future together. Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) doesn’t see the issue, but Felicity tells him she doesn’t picture herself as a mother or married. She summons the guts to deliver the news to Tane, but how will he react?

    Meanwhile, Theo (Matt Evans) is growing closer to Justin (James Stewart), but their friendship is jeopardized when Theo overhears Justin on the phone with Leah (Ada Nicodemou). She isn’t in Cyprus, as he had assumed; instead, she is back in Australia, attempting to persuade his father, Dimitri, to change his mind. The betrayal has shocked and upset him; what does this signal for his future with them?

    Mackenzie (Emily Weir) receives a strange letter in the mail, which throws her for a loop. She instantly cancels Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) new cocktail menu and informs Dean (Patrick O’Connor) that he must begin repaying the money he owes her. Dean realizes something more severe is happening after a phone conversation with even more horrible news left her unraveling in the storeroom. Eventually, his sister admits the truth: she’s in significant debt, putting Salt in jeopardy…

    Here’s what’s on tap for the week ahead, which begins on Monday, April 25.

    Felicity gives Tane news that could be a dealbreaker for their relationship

    Felicity was taken aback when she learned that Tane foresee a bright future for them both, having never been in a committed relationship before. She starts to panic and confides in Cash, but he doesn’t seem to see anything wrong. She opens up and admits that, following her traumatic background, she isn’t convinced having a family is a good idea – and that she doesn’t picture herself as a mother. Cash advises her to tell Tane the truth, but when she does, Tane begs her to leave because marriage and motherhood aren’t in the cards for her…

    Chloe convinces Tane he’s dropped the ball with his family

    Since Ari’s death, Chloe has been clinging to Bella, and when Nikau arrives from New Zealand, she begins to prevent the couple from spending time together. Nikau complains to Tane about Chloe’s problems, but when Tane confronts her, she throws him a curveball by claiming Nikau is the problem. Tane wonders if he’s dropped the ball with his family after she calmly explains that Nikau is deflecting from his own sadness by throwing a spotlight on her. Is he failing to assist them when they require assistance?

    Nikau is furious when Chloe crashes his date with Bella

    Bella and Nikau are looking forwards to a date night at the Farm House after a few days of caring for Chloe when they realize they’ll be alone for the night. Nikau prepares a beautiful candlelit supper for Bella, but the doorbell rings just as they begin to eat. To Bella’s chagrin and Nikau’s rage, Chloe has arrived with dessert and behaving like a wounded dog, threatening to leave if she isn’t wanted – until Bella takes pity on her and spends the entire night with her, leaving Nikau to stew alone…

    Theo is betrayed by Justin and Leah when he overhears a phone call

    After a difficult start, Theo and Justin have become friends, and they’ve been going out to dinner to avoid cooking at home. They invite John to Salt for pizza, but when Leah phones during their meal, Theo overhears the discussion and realizes Leah isn’t in Cyprus anymore – she’s in Australia, trying to reach Dimitri with his parents…

    Mia gets drunk in Salt before disappearing into the night

    Mia gets a letter in the mail that puts her back in a poor emotional place: she has one marriage certificate…and one death certificate. Tane jumps into protective mode right away, but it doesn’t take long for her to feel suffocated and ask for some space. Later, Tane arrives in Salt to find Felicity refusing to serve more wine to a very drunk Mia. Tane transports her to her house, but when he returns to check on her, she has vanished. He sees her drifting through the dark as he rushes into the night, but she doesn’t see him as he yells her name…

    Alf tells Roo it’s time to accept the worst after Martha’s health deteriorates

    Roo is delighted to see Marilyn after her lengthy absence, but the arrival of Alf’s car takes them both by surprise; they weren’t expecting him back from Merimbula. He’s returned, however, with a sad heart. He’s come to tie up loose ends at the house because Martha’s health has deteriorated. Will Roo be able to make amends before it’s too late? Roo realizes her time with Martha is running out – will she be able to make amends before it’s too late?

    Mackenzie reveals to Dean that Salt could be going under

    When Mackenzie reads a troubling letter, she is listening to Ryder’s fresh cocktail ideas. She becomes distracted and informs Ryder that the cocktail menu has been canceled. She then goes to see Dean. She asks that he reimburse the money she owes her, claiming that she deserves more respect after being duped financially. Mackenzie then receives awful news and crumbles in the storage. Dean tracks her down, and she exposes the truth: she’s broke, and Salt is on the verge of bankruptcy.

    Cash has some unexpected bad news for Jasmine

    Now that Cash and Jasmine are living together, they’re getting into a rhythm. They’re making meals and going for runs, but they rapidly turn the fitness into a competition, and Cash, much to Jasmine’s displeasure, wins. Cash comes to the house a few hours after leaving for his shift to bring some unwelcome news to his girlfriend: her father has died. Jasmine dismisses it, claiming she hasn’t seen her father since he left when she was six years old. Cash is sceptical and advises Irene to keep a close check on her. Is Jasmine concealing her true feelings?


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