Anti-vax Neighbours star Damien Richardson announces he is running for the Senate and vows to ‘fight for freedoms eroded by the government’

    Damien Richardson, the former star of Neighbours, will run for Senate this year after gaining attention last year for his opposition to Covid vaccinations.

    In a video shared to social media this week, the 47-year-old actor, who is best known for his role as Gary Canning on the Channel 10 serial, disclosed his political ambitions.

    He promised to “continue to battle for freedoms destroyed by the government” in the video.

    ‘Hello, my name is Damien Richardson, and I’d like to introduce myself… I sincerely hope to be your Senate candidate in the future federal election so that I may continue to defend our liberties,’ he continued.

    ‘So many of you believe that excessive government mandates have diminished [our freedoms] in the last two years.’

    He also mentioned attending anti-vaccine demonstrations in Melbourne, which he defined as a fight for ‘freedom of choice.’

    Richardson was last in the news in January, when he yelled at Salvation Army employees and sprayed anti-vaxxers with handwritten posters on the shop.

    Outside the op shop on Bourke Street in Melbourne, he was observed arguing with one of the workers.

    The group has previously displayed placards with anti-vaccination statements such as ‘God does not discriminate’ and ‘Op shops are important services,’ while yelling at workers to let the unvaccinated in.

    The Salvation Army had no say in Daniel Andrews’ government’s health restrictions, which barred unvaccinated persons from purchasing in non-essential establishments.

    Richardson also aired his rage during a sit-in protest in St Kilda’s Acland Street dining sector in October 2021.

    After stay-at-home orders were only withdrawn for properly vaccinated people, he joined demonstrators who were rallying against “vaccine segregation.”

    In a video for St Kilda for True Arrow, a YouTube channel with strong anti-lockdown emotion, a maskless Richardson commented on the sit-in demonstration.


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