As Neighbours Fashion Week kicks up, Ned’s secret is revealed!

    Following weeks of preparation, Lassiters Fashion Week by Montana Marcel will premiere in next week’s episode of Neighbours, bringing with it a slew of surprises and scandals.

    Take a peek at 30 images from the upcoming episodes, in which Ned and Harlow are exposed and Mackenzie steals the show.

    The occasion begins with the introduction of Leo’s (Tim Kano) new gin line. In a stunning pink gown, Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) steals the show as she walks the pink carpet with a slew of other attractive models.

    Mackenzie is the centre of attention, and she’s loving life as a model, completely unaware that her mentor and role model is bankrupt and that her glitzy new profession is about to come to an end.

    Hendrix (Ben Turland) congratulates her with a big hug, and his concerns about her becoming too self-absorbed go away.

    Their joy, though, will be fleeting. Hendrix is about to get a catastrophic diagnosis that will alter the course of his life forever.

    Montana (Tammin Sursok) tries to appear pleased despite the fact that she knows she’ll be jailed after Fashion Week is through.

    Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) has other ideas, and the cops are scheduled to come in the middle of the festivities.

    ‘Lassiters Fashion Week by Montana Marcel’ is supposed to be her last show, but it’ll be a fiasco.

    At the very least, Leo’s life is going well. He’s excited for the introduction of his gin, the culmination of months of hard labour, but he has nothing to be concerned about.

    It is a resounding success. He enjoys the spotlight, but he can’t help but pine for Montana.

    Despite her promise to Paul to keep away from Leo, she is overcome with emotion and gives him one more kiss.

    The next event is the launch of ‘Neon Romantic by Amy Greenwood’.

    Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) is completely unaware of what happened between Ned (Ben Hall) and Harlow recently (Gemma Donovan).

    When they were stranded in the bush at River Bend, the two slept together, and they’ve been battling to deal with their feelings for each other for the past few weeks. Harlow quickly fell in love with Corey Smythe-Jones (Laurence Boxhall), and Ned rekindled his romance with Amy, but they’ve both been secretly aching for each other.

    Harlow, of course, has no idea that Corey is a member of The Order who has come to Erinsborough to wreck Harlow’s life. He urges Harlow to admit her emotions for Ned at the end of the week, and she does so in a back room at the vineyard. Harlow is soon ripping Ned’s clothes off as the two succumb to temptation and have another passionate kiss.

    They had no idea that they are being observed… and photographed!

    Finally unable to conceal his love for Harlow, Ned resolves to end his relationship with Amy for good… shortly after the release of Neon Romantic, for which Harlow is a model!

    Amy pulls Ned aside just before the event to thank him for all of his help and tell him that she loves him. He has no option but to respond, not wanting to let her down before one of the most important occasions of her life.

    Harlow is glowing when the show starts. However, their scandalous secret is uncovered not long after the celebration begins!

    All eyes are on Harlow as she takes the stage in one of Amy’s outfits.

    The crowd gasps out a collective gasp as she spreads the dress out wide and projects a photo of Ned and Harlow onto it, showing Harlow pulling off Ned’s top!

    Montana and Mick (Joel Creasey) watch in disbelief – this isn’t the kind of controversy they expected.

    What Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) are witnessing astounds them. They have VIP seats, which Montana gave them as a thank-you for Karl’s $200,000 investment in her cosmetics brand, but it won’t be enough to compensate for what’s to come.

    Susan is soon to find that Montana is bankrupt, and it won’t be long before he’s arrested.

    Karl attempts one final time to get their money back, but the harm has already been done. Their money has vanished, and there’s no way they’ll ever get it back!

    And Susan’s not going to let him forget it.

    Paul glares angrily as he’s forced to see his granddaughter kissing Ned.

    Amy, of course, is the one who is the most surprised. She believed she and Ned were going to start a family, but now she’s found out he’s been cheating on her!

    As everything fall apart around him, Ned burys his head in his hand.

    They’ll have to explain themselves now that the truth about Harlow and Ned is out in the open.

    Amy demands an explanation after learning that Ned and Harlow spent the night together. Ned tries to make amends, but it’s too late – there’s no turning back now.

    The police arrive early to arrest Montana in the midst of Amy’s fashion disaster. Paul’s strategy has worked flawlessly — Fashion Week has fallen apart, and he is quick to point the finger at Terese.

    Terese initially believes him, but it quickly dawns on her that he had foreseen this outcome all along…

    While Amy is heartbroken, Harlow is ready to be with Ned, and when she finds him in Ramsay Street the next day, she tells him just how she feels.

    However, Paul also lets his feelings be known, and he’s not happy!

    He rips into Ned, despite Harlow’s best efforts to defend him.

    Now their secret’s out, is this the end of Harlow and Ned’s steamy tryst?

    Harlow feels judged and ashamed in the days following the incident. She seeks help from her friends and family, but Corey — a hidden member of the Isolation Order – is busy plotting his major scheme and isolates her from her loved ones.

    He not only manipulates Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), but he also vandalises Amy’s van to make it appear like Harlow is the perpetrator.

    It looks like Harlow’s troubles are far from over!


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