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Bec Hewitt shows off her fit physique, as the mother-of-three walks her dogs at Rose Bay beach with daughters Mia and Ava

Bec Hewitt was seen leaving off her husband Lleyton and their 13-year-old son at Sydney Airport last week as the boys traveled to Queensland for a tennis tournament.

During the week, the 38-year-old former Home and Away actress relished the time alone with her children Mia, 16, and Ava, 11.

The trio took to Rose Bay beach with their dogs for a stroll through the surf.

Bec wore an all-black outfit consisting of dark three-quarter length leggings and a singlet top to flaunt her amazing figure.

With her eldest and youngest children, the mother-of-three went for a walk barefoot.

Teenager Mia wore denim shorts with a white T-shirt bearing the words ‘Reading is Sexy’.

Meanwhile, the couple’s youngest daughter was seen walking one of the family’s dogs through the shallows in a bathing suit.

Bec dropped Lleyton and their 13-year-old son Cruz off at Sydney airport last week, prompting this outing.

Like his father, Cruz is quickly becoming an accomplished tennis player.

Photos of the boy preparing and competing in events abound on his Instagram account.

Lleyton has previously expressed his optimism for Cruz’s future, predicting that he will be competing in the Australian Open by the age of 14.

‘Hopefully, if he wants to, he will be able to participate in this fantastic event.’ ‘Hopefully, he beats me,’ Lleyton remarked in January 2019 at the Australian Open.

Cruz, who first picked up a tennis racquet as a toddler, has previously won multiple junior championships.

Bec and Lleyton’s love story was revisited via Nine Honey last month.

The couple met on the tennis court for a charity game at the Starlight Cup in 1999, but it wasn’t until years later that they fell in love.

‘I never followed any sport at all,’ Bec admitted in an old TV interview recently posted on TikTok.

‘I’d only met him while we were playing in the Starlight Cup, so I only knew him as the wonderful young man he was at the time.’

Bec was dating Beau Brady, a Home and Away co-star. Lleyton was dating Kim Clijsters, a Belgian tennis player.

After not seeing each other for a few years, Bec wrote him a text message congratulating him on his Wimbledon victory.

She sent another one when he won the US Open.

A few years later, the pair met up with Lleyton working on a TV project.

‘In 2005, we decided to catch up, and things progressed from there.’ And I guess we saw each other every day from the first time we met each other [at that time],’ Bec previously told Stellar magazine.

The couple were engaged during a whirlwind romance that lasted six weeks.

‘By the time the Australian Open rolled around, we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and look where we are now!’ Stellar had previously heard from Bec.

The couple married in July 2005 at the Sydney Opera House and had a magnificent wedding reception in Taronga Zoo.


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