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Coronation Street star Ben Price explains Nick’s heartbreaking

“The horrible, cruel truth is that Oliver won’t get better.”

For the first time, Coronation Street star Ben Price spoke about Nick Tilsley losing hope for the future of his stepson, Oliver.

Next week’s episodes see Nick confide in his mom Gail Rodwell about how he feels that his girlfriend Leanne Battersby, when it comes to Oliver, is fighting a losing battle.

Currently, Leanne opposes the unfortunate judgment of the hospital that there is nothing else to be done to save Oliver. She has pledged to put the hospital to court, but that will require expensive legal fees.

“Asked if Nick sees the situation differently so he can take a step back, Ben replied:” Yeah, I also think Steve is beginning to see it, but Leanne and the fight she has in her are pulling him along. When push comes to shove, can you really give up on your child and go against the wishes of the mom?

Nick should take a step back a little to see that Oliver won’t support this. But against the world, it’s Leanne. She’s in a corner and she’s fighting the world she’s fighting all the medical teams, she’s fighting for the money.

The horrible, cruel reality is that Oliver won’t get better. That’s something Nick can see, but he can’t impose it on Leanne. For anyone, it’s an unimaginable scenario, so they can’t look back and say they haven’t done anything.

Next week, Nick’s former girlfriend Natasha Blakeman, his son Sam’s mother, agrees to make a £ 20,000 donation to the fund of Oliver. Nick tries not to tell Leanne about this, but when she finds out, she’s furious

It’s a lot of money, “Ben said,” but is it enough money to support the treatment? Oh, no. And in their relationship, is it worth it for the mess it’s going to cause? Probably not.

Leanne, Nick, Steve and Tracy, Natasha now, it’s messy.


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