EastEnders airs a perfect high-camp drama, complete with a surprise Drag Race cameo.

    If there’s one thing you can always expect from EastEnders, it’s an epic moment of high camp drama that’ll leave viewers gagged for days.

    However, thanks to a surprise entrance by RuPaul’s Drag Race star Tempest DuJour, the BBC soap show may have just given fans the most iconic scene yet.

    It all started when Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) returned to Walford, much to her long-time rival Sharon Watts’ chagrin (Letitia Dean).

    It was always going to be a treat to watch these two square off as two of the most feisty characters in EastEnders history.

    So when the pair find themselves face-to-face, it soon turned into a war of words that saw Sam bragging about the time she slept with Sharon’s father, Den “Dirty Den” Watts.

    “We’ve had Brexit and Covid, we don’t need you here,” Sharon said, chucking a glass of wine in Sam’s face. Sam, get out of here!”

    The s**t (or should we say wine) has finally come to a head!

    Sam was left reeling and fighting to catch her breath as Sharon grabbed her purse and stormed away.

    With all of the chaos, some viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw many photographs of RuPaul’s Drag Race alumnus Tempest Dujour on the walls.

    In fact, in some close-up pictures, a photograph of the season seven favourite in a green feather combo appears to be a green halo for Sharon, while a larger image of Tempest shows the drag queen smiling down over the heated discussion.

    “just when this scene wasn’t camp enough, you the realisation that there are pictures of tempest du jour from s7 of drag race plastered all over the walls,” one fan commented on Twitter.

    Another wrote, “stop


    WHY IS TEMPEST THERE”, while one fan added: “IM SCREAMING W*F

    “This made me spit up my drink!! BRAVO!!” another viewer stated.

    Now we’re going to need to see the real Tempest – real name Patrick Holt – making their way down to Walford ASAP.

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