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EastEnders confirms return to full length episodes from next month but there is a twist

EastEnders has confirmed that almost every episode will return to full length in January 2022.

Since returning to screens last year after a production hiatus during the Covid-19 outbreak, the BBC One serial has been running fewer episodes.

With the exception of a few, episodes are now between 18 and 25 minutes long, rather than the full half-hour.

The tactics used to ‘cheat’ Covid regulations on set are regarded to be partly to blame for the shorter episodes, yet viewers have long craved longer editions of serial drama.

Well, if you prefer your slice of Albert Square action in the half an hour format, you’re wish is about to be granted!

Yes, as of next month, almost all of the four weekly outings of EastEnders will return to 30 minutes in length.

The Tuesday offerings, however, will continue to remain at approximately 20 minutes long.

Back in September, boss Jon Sen addressed the decreased episode duration, stating that they hoped to return to full episodes in the near future.

‘We’re doing 20 minute episodes at the moment,’ he told Metro.co.uk at the time.

‘We are looking to a future where we can get back to full length EastEnders episodes and hopefully that will be soon.’

Well it turns out it was sooner than we though, eh!


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