EastEnders’ explains Sharon Watts’ sudden absence from Mitchell family feud story

    Sharon Watts’ surprising withdrawal from the high-profile Mitchell family conflict plotline has been addressed by EastEnders.

    Last week, Letitia Dean’s EastEnders original was actively involved in a power battle between Kat Slater and Sam Mitchell, but in Monday’s episode, she was abruptly written off.

    Sharon had made a quick getaway from the Square, according to Monday’s programme. Linda Carter had driven her friend to the airport for a direct trip to the United States, where she would be reunited with her half-sister Vicki Fowler following emergency surgery.

    “Vicky demanded she bring Marmite, tea bags and English chocolate,” Linda reported to Martin Fowler.

    The day began badly for the Slaters, as Kat had to have Stacey get the children out of the house after a smoke bomb was hurled through one of the windows by criminal leader Jonah.

    Kat confronted Sam about Jonah’s ‘warning,’ urging her to clean up “the mess” she had created. Kat’s condition worsened when she received an unusual box, which she later deduced was a fake.

    Sam Mitchell had drafted Jack Branning as her bodyguard for a summit with Jonah, just as Kat was confiding in Stacey about how tired she was of living life on the edge.

    By threatening to use Jack’s badge against the crook unless he agreed to the stipulations Phil gave forth, Sam was able to turn the tables on Jonah.

    “You’re gonna do exactly what I say,” Sam instructed Jonah.

    During a jail visit, Sam firmly informed Phil that she’d met all of his conditions, and she subsequently informed Ben and Kat that she’d be moving into the Mitchell house.

    Kat wasn’t having it with Sam’s power move, so she kicked her out and made her own statement to assert control in Phil’s absence.

    “You damaged my family once before,” Kat said, referring to Sam’s past with Zoe Slater. I’m not going to sit here and watch you sabotage everything Phil has fought so hard for.

    “If anyone’s going to be the head of this family, it’s me… I’m Mrs Mitchell now!”

    To end the show, Kat tossed Sam’s baggage out the door and forced her adversary out of the house.


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