EastEnders; Janine Butcher to make shock exit plan after Mick setback

    Janine Butcher, who plays Scarlett on EastEnders, will reveal her plans to leave Walford with her daughter next week.

    Janine (Charlie Brooks) has been on cloud nine since finally starting a romance with Mick Carter, but in the coming episodes, cracks will begin to show.

    When Mick and Janine return from their vacation later this week, he’ll be irritated to hear she’s been talking about their personal lives.

    Mick’s concerns will persist over the coming week, as he avoids becoming intimate with Janine.

    Janine confides in Billy about the situation, knowing he’s avoiding her, and admits they haven’t slept together yet.

    When Janine tries to address Mick about their intimacy issues, he avoids the topic, making things even more awkward.

    Mick tries to tell his pal Mitch about his problems, but Mitch seems uncomfortable and unsure of what to respond.

    When Billy tells Janine about Mick’s relationship with Whitney while celebrating his birthday at The Vic, the mood turns sour. Janine becomes enraged and whisks Whitney away from him.

    While Janine mulls over her next move, Mick receives much-needed encouragement from Mitch, who apologises for his previous awkwardness.

    Mitch wants to assist, so he encourages Mick to talk about his problems, encouraging him to accept that his thinking is preventing him from being personal with Janine.

    Mitch tries his hardest to help Mick, but it’s evident that Janine is oblivious to the gravity of the situation.

    When her effort to seduce Mick fails, Janine tells Billy that she will leave Walford if the judge grants her custody of Scarlett during the hearing.

    As Janine moves forwards with her plan, she informs Sonia and Scarlett that they will be travelling to Australia if she is granted custody.

    She proposes that Mick take Janine out on a date, but as Janine gets dressed, she notices that her clothes have shrunk in the wash.

    Janine soon devises a new strategy, which also backfires. Despite the fact that they eventually laugh it off, Mick recognises the need of being honest with Janine and tells her the truth.

    Fans will have to wait and see how Janine reacts to this, although the two will later be seen together in court for Scarlett’s hearing.

    Eve offers to go to court instead of Kat, who is preoccupied with a crisis with Tommy.

    Eve gives a poignant speech on Kat’s behalf at the hearing, but what will the verdict be? What does this suggest for Janine’s future prospects?

    These scenes will run on BBC One next week in EastEnders.


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