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EastEnders split for Honey Mitchell and Jay Brown as beloved character makes exit?

EASTENDERS couples are always being put through the wringer but it seems Honey Mitchell and Jay Brown’s romance could be coming to an end as they struggle to move past their recent troubles.

Honey (Emma Barton) has recently taken a backseat to the drama on EastEnders, while her other half, Hay (Jamie Borthwick), has been thrust into the spotlight…

and not for the best of reasons. He is battling to keep the spark alive in his relationship as his battle with Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) continues, as the two of them have been bickering over what is right and wrong. Honey may need to pack her belongings in forthcoming scenes on the BBC serial, as it appears that yet another romance may end in disaster. Could a fresh start be beneficial to her while the ghosts of her past haunt her in Walford?

Honey has taken control of her destiny in recent months, quitting her work at the Minute Mart due to her unpleasant supervisor Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal).

Janet Mitchell (Grace), the mother of two, has started to consider alternative choices for herself after assisting her daughter with her modeling and acting career.

The adored character will have an announcement to make to Jay by the end of next week’s episodes of the evening serial drama.

The young businessman is taken aback when he learns of his partner’s new initiative, and he warns her that it will be difficult for her.

Honey is irritated by her boyfriend’s lack of support and sets out to show him that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.

This, however, may cause Kate to consider her future in Walford and if she and Jay will be able to stand the test of time.

She may opt to leave the Square, knowing that she needs to start her own business without any hostility.

This would be the end of her relationship, and Jay would be devastated at the idea of losing his best friend.

Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) always warned his ex-wife that their relationship would end badly, but she had no idea how swiftly it would.

As the businessman pleaded for a second opportunity, the mother of two would hold firm and told him she would not change her mind.

This would not be Honey’s first departure from Walford, but it is likely to be her last, as she believes the Square holds too many negative memories of her failed relationships.

She first departed in 2008, when she felt she couldn’t be married to Billy any longer after three years and moved in with her father.

By 2014, she was making cameo appearances on the serial to discuss the custody of their children with her ex-husband and how she intended to send Will Mitchell (Freddie Phillips) to Canada to pursue a modeling career.

It was good at first, but when his contract with the agency was not renewed, Honey chose to return to be closer to the children’s father.

Since then, she’s been a fixture on the Square, starring in a number of high-profile stories, including developing an eating issue and being drugged by a stranger.

Honey’s departure was forced onto the actress who plays her, Emma, by executives who believed it was time for the character to depart.

Although the soap actress was ecstatic to be able to pursue new options in her profession, she expressed her disappointment in having to say goodbye in multiple interviews.

“Despite what others said, I honestly felt there was more mileage for her,” the actress remarked in an interview with the Daily Star.

“However, given that she hasn’t been killed, I suppose there’s still a chance she could return one day.”

“I was in such a bad mood since I had to leave.” She added at the time, “I’ve had a great experience,” and she repeated the remarks in another interview.
“I will miss everyone,” she told The People, “and I already miss going to work every day and being a part of the show.”

“I’m in a bad mood. “I didn’t want to leave,” she remarked, but producers have taken Honey down a variety of paths since her return in 2014.

It might be a complete circle moment for the mother of two to watch her leave as she finally becomes the confident lady viewers have always known her as.

She will have learned a lot about relationships, friendships, and how to stand up to bullies throughout her time in Walford.

It would be sad for the actor who plays Jay, Jamie, to see his co-star leave if she does make an exit as it seems the young soap star has always wanted them to have an on-screen romance.

Explaining how he first met Emma, Jamie said: “Perry [Billy] told me to chat her up, and I remember walking over to her and saying, ‘Alright darlin’…, wow, you smell nice.’

“It brought the house down and we still laugh about it now.

“I love working with Emma. I won’t say what it is, but we have something in common that’s very rare and very special that brings us together.

“I still try and chat her up and say that one day, we’ll get married, but she’s having none of it,” the actor told The Sun


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