EastEnders spoilers: Stacey destroys Harvey and Jean for good?

    In future episodes of EastEnders, Stacey (Lacey Turner) is at her wits’ end, worried about her mother Jean (Gillian Wright), and tries to stop her relationship with Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) forever.

    Stacey has been concerned about Jean’s mental health for a long time, as her mother’s behavior has become more erratic and uncontrolled. Others might have disregarded occurrences like Jean renting a bouncy castle for the kids and then getting so thrilled that she harmed Arthur (Hunter Bell), but Stacey saw the symptoms that Jean’s bipolar was out of control.

    Stacey attempted numerous times to encourage Jean to get help and even used deception to get her to see a doctor. She also tried to warn Harvey that Jean wasn’t feeling well, but despite his occasional concerns that Jean’s behavior was a little out of control, he most appreciated the fun and excitement she provided to his life.

    Finally, Stacey makes the decision to act. She goes to the cab agency to plead with Harvey not to move away with Jean to Southend after a pep talk from Martin (James Bye) and Shirley (Linda Henry). Stacey can at least keep an eye on her mother while she’s in Walford.

    Stacey rushes to the hospital with Harvey after learning that his son Aaron (Charlie Wernham) has been gravely hurt in prison. She uses the chance to try to persuade him that Jean is simply a charade and that their relationship isn’t real.

    She urges him not to marry Jean, but will he be able to admit to himself that he knew nothing about her?


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