EastEnders star Max Bowden ‘reveals gender of baby’ with ex-girlfriend Roisin Buckle

    EastEnders star Max Bowden – who plays Ben Mitchell – is reportedly having a baby boy with ex-girlfriend Roisin Buckle.

    Earlier this month, it was revealed Max and former partner Roisin are currently expecting their first child. 

    While the couple is claimed to no longer be together, they are said to be on good terms and excited to welcome the baby.

    After Roisin threw a gender reveal party this week, it’s now been revealed that they’re expecting a boy.
    According to The Sun, the insurance executive was overjoyed to learn the news at their recent celebration.

    ‘Max and Roisin are thrilled they’re expecting a kid – even if they’re no longer together,’ it was previously stated.

    They called it quits early this year. ‘There was no one else involved; it just didn’t work out,’ according to a person close to Max and Roisin.

    Max and Roisin have remained excellent friends, according to the publication, and are determined to co-parent their new baby.

    Meanwhile, on EastEnders, Max’s character Ben has had a difficult time recently, and he recently fought homophobes, which brought up painful memories of losing his boyfriend Paul (Jonny Labey).

    Following a brutal beating involving himself and his husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay) in the new year, Barman Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan) has befriended Ben in recent weeks as he goes through a significant identity crisis.

    But things are only about to get worse for Ben, as the drama will feature a hard-hitting storyline later this year about male rape in which the character is attacked by a newfound buddy.

    ‘Ben has been through a horrific time after seeing a homophobic attack on Callum, which brought back painful memories of losing Paul,’ said BBC continuing drama head Kate Oates.

    ‘As a result, Ben lost his bearings in life…until he met Lewis.’ Ben thinks of Lewis as someone who can understand him in a way that Callum can’t, but that trust is betrayed when Lewis crosses a line and rapes Ben.

    ‘We intend to address topics of consent, sexual identity, masculinity, and sexual assault via this story, concentrating on how this fateful night affects Ben and those who love him in the months ahead.’

    Producers have been working closely with SurvivorsUK, Survivors Manchester, and the Male Survivors Partnership to ensure that it is handled appropriately.

    It happened after Max was spotted on Instagram doing research for an as-yet-unconfirmed scenario.

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