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EastEnders theory: Kheerat Panesar killed as Suki’s chilling revenge plot unveiled

EASTENDERS’ Kheerat Panesar could end up meeting an untimely end as a new theory explores Suki Panesar reaction to news about her son Jags Panesar’s death.

Kheerat Panesar of EastEnders (Jaz Deol) and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) have become friends ever since they started working together in business, and Kheerat Panesar used the mechanic’s connections to keep his brother Jags Panesar (Amar Adatia) safe in jail.

When Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), the Panesar brother’s mother, learns the truth about her son’s death, she will live to regret their relationship with the Mitchell bad boy.
In the upcoming episodes, Suki invites Lacey Turner’s Stacey Slater to dinner in an effort to placate Kheerat.

Stacey believes it to be a hoax and brings her children around, but is mortified to see Suki is making an effort when she realises it.

As soon as he comes, Kheerat thanks his mother and expresses optimism that his family won’t interfere with his new connection.

Ben is supposed to be taking a break from the company, so Kheerat is shocked to see him at The Arches.

He tries to offer him some advice but it’s clear Ben is in no mood to listen. 

Later, Callum Highway (Tony Clay) is spotted by Kheerat, who pushes him to talk to Ben.

After taking drugs the night before, Ben wakes up in The Arches and makes an effort to hide when Kheerat shows around.

Kheerat is clueless. Ben terminated Jags’ prison security, which allowed him to be killed.

The Panesar sibling believes Ben did everything possible to keep his brother safe.

Ben fights with his remorse as he talks about their friendship in an emotional manner.

When Ben is by himself, he does drugs again and runs across Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), who is worried about his kid.

Ben, however, ignores his concerns and makes a scene at Peggy’s.

When Kheerat notices that Ben has taken something, she returns him to the Panesars so that Ash Panesar can examine him (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha).

Ben declines her assistance, but the Mitchell bad boy lashes out as Kheerat sticks by his pal.

He claims that by ceasing to provide security, he killed Jags and informs the family of this.

The Panesars are obviously shocked, but how will they handle the terrible news?

Fans of EastEnders will recall how Suki blamed Jags for Martin Fowler’s attack while Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) was really to blame.

In an effort to maintain control over Jags, who had grown close to Habiba Ahmed, Suki presented bogus proof (Rukku Nahar).

Ben was contacted by Kheerat for assistance when Jags was in danger while incarcerated, but the Mitchell bad guy withdrew the protection when he saw the businessman leaning in close to Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean).

Could Suki strike out at her son and accuse Kheerat of being responsible for Ben’s choice, just as she did in the past?

Suki may feel threatened by Kheerat and Stacey’s relationship and orchestrate his death to stop him from turning his back on her.

EastEnders fans know little about Suki’s husband but the Panesar’s do have connections in prison and the criminal underworld. 

Suki has enjoyed a tumultuous time in Walford after first arriving in the soap pretending to her family that she was suffering from terminal cancer. 

It’s evident she’s prepared to stoop low and could order an attack on her son which could get out of hand.

Will Kheerat get caught in the crossfire of Suki’s power games?

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