EastEnders theory: Rainie Highway to leave Stuart over addiction relapse

    THE EASTENDERS THEORY: Stuart Highway agreed to therapy for his cancer after claiming he could cure it with holistic methods. Although his family is relieved, Stuart’s painkiller addiction may recur as a result of the surgery.

    When the EastEnders undertaker learned he had breast cancer last year, his first reaction was to bury his head in the sand, which he did for weeks. When his wife Rainie (Tanya Franks) found out, she and the rest of the family sought to persuade Stuart (Ricky Champ) to get therapy. Stuart was convinced to have the procedure after the couple’s surrogate, Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris), refused to give them her child unless he did. Stuart’s worst worries appear to have come true, as he is now struggling with thoughts of addiction following the operation.

    Stuart will be in a lot of discomforts after the procedure, according to official EastEnders spoilers.

    Rainie had a heart-to-heart with Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor) about how difficult it is for her to deal with Roland.

    Vi encourages her grandson to aid Rainie who is in pain, and she also encourages him to take his medications as advised.

    Stuart decides to attend an addiction group because he is worried about what might happen, but it is later canceled.

    Will he be able to keep his addiction from resurfacing while supporting Rainie and Roland?

    Stuart told Rainie about his reservations about the drugs before the procedure.

    “What if I have this operation and then I have the painkillers after – what if I can’t stop?” He asked.

    “What if I get addicted again?” he added but Rainie tried to reassure her husband.

    “What if we win the lottery tomorrow? What if we get hit by a bus? We can’t live our lives on what-ifs,” she replied.

    As Stuart tried to protest, his wife cut in: “No, listen – whatever happens, we face it together, okay?”

    Despite her assurances, Rainie appears to be dealing with parenting more than she imagined.

    Because having a child has long been a desire of hers, she is likely to put Roland first.

    If Stuart relapses, she may decide he is no longer safe to be near the infant.

    Rainie would almost certainly go to any length to ensure Roland has a stable childhood after losing Abi to Max Branning (Jake Wood).

    Unfortunately, this may mean she decides to leave Stuart while he fights his addiction.


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