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Emily Weir shows off her toned figure in a skimpy brown bikini as she films dramatic scenes for Home and Away alongside her stunt double at Sydney’s Palm Beach

On Home and Away, Emily Weir will soon be involved in some dramatic moments.

On Tuesday, the actress flew to Sydney’s Palm Beach to film a new episode of the soap, which necessitated the use of a body double for some of the stunts.

The 30-year-old flaunted her toned form as she slid into a brown bikini and joined co-star Patrick O’Connor in the water.

As she captured the scenes, Emily was rushed into a surf rescue raft with some lifesavers in costume.

After that, she was wrapped in a warm towel and escorted away from the beach by her stunt duplicate.

Emily chuckled as she was escorted away from the water, nestled in a blue towel, and appeared to have rinsed off her makeup in the sea.

A water cameraman followed the buxom double into the waves because there was heavy surf that day.

The stunt performer, who was dressed in the same bikini as Emily, expertly navigated the surf.

Emily made her breakthrough on Home and Away in 2019 as restaurateur Mackenzie.

She has previously appeared in the 2003 television series The Sleepover Club.

In a 2019 interview with Stuff New Zealand, Emily called her casting on Home and Away “a dream come true.”

‘It was like winning the Lotto for myself and for all my extended family members,’ she said.

‘My family still watches Home and Away. They call it Homie. When Homie is on… everything just shuts down. You are not allowed to make calls or anything.’


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