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Fan shares hilarious video on EastEnders fruit bowls mystery

Michael Spicer, a writer and performer best known for his popular political videos, has written a funny post about an EastEnders mystery.

Michael appears perplexed in the video he posted to Twitter.


Because the characters in EastEnders always have a bowl of fruit in their kitchen, regardless of the turmoil.

Michael ingeniously (and importantly) emphasizes that, despite the heartbreak, betrayal, love, death, and everything else in between, Walford inhabitants always manage to keep a fresh bowl of fruit on their kitchen table.

We’ll never be able to see a scenario the same way again now that Michael has pointed this out.

What’s that? The focus is on Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Sam’s (Kim Medcalf) feud?

No, no.

The main focus is on determining how many apples they have in the fruit dish.

Many individuals on Twitter have hilariously posed one very essential question.

What other option do they have to keep Martin’s (James Bye) fruit stand afloat?

We’ll leave you with some wonderful, sad comments from Michael now that we’ve told you this.

‘If you still have the resolve to keep your fruit dish filled, then you still have enough hope.’


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