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Former H&A star Orpheus Pledger looks unrecognisable on SAS Australia after drug possession charges as he bizarrely QUITS the show

Orpheus Pledger abruptly left SAS Australia on Tuesday’s program after refusing to undertake boring duties.

After the Directing Staff got concerned about the actor’s mental health, he was summoned to see them.

After being ordered to sweep the camp, the 28-year-old protested that he was being pushed to perform things he didn’t think were necessary.

‘If someone tries to make me do something that I need to do without telling me why I find that intrusive, I find that annoying, that is all,’ he said.

With scruffy facial hair, the actor appeared sad and depressed as he met host Ant Middleton, a far cry from his days on the serial series.

‘When you’re on it, you’re on it. There’s no between ground,’ Ant said of Orpheus’ performance on the show.

‘That is absolutely right,’ the star conceded, as Ant encouraged him to ‘chip away at every task’.

‘You will grow and get stronger and stronger. You owe it to yourself, you know you can do it,’ Ant said.

Looking skyward and appearing upset, Orpheus then mumbled in response: ‘Nah, I wanna go home. I wanna go home.’

Orpheus could not be persuaded, and sadly handed in his armband before leaving the camp. Shocked Ant questioned him if he was sure, and cautioned him that he would not have another opportunity like this one – but Orpheus could not be persuaded and regretfully handed in his armband before leaving the camp.

‘Completing a course like this, if it’s exactly what I’m required to learn, I am going to go for it,’ he said in a piece to camera.

‘And if I don’t want to learn it, then I am not going to learn it. And if you call that quitting, then that is quitting,’ he went on.

‘Otherwise, that is me doing what I want for myself because I care about other people.’

It comes after Orpheus was sentenced to a six-month good-behavior bond after being caught with methamphetamine, also known as “ice.”

Because of Covid restrictions, the actor was dealt with ‘off papers’ in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in September rather than being brought into court to face the consequences.

Pledger did not formally plead to the charges under the ‘diversion strategy,’ instead of making confessions to the committed offenses.

Diversion plans are frequently given to first-time offenders under Victorian law, and they are designed to have minimal impact on a person’s life in the future.

In addition, Magistrate Tim Bourke ordered the actor to give $150 to the court fund and take a drug awareness course.

Last year, the Daily Mail Australia reported that Pledger was anticipated to admit to having a little more than half a gram of amphetamine and 30 Diazepam tablets (brand name Valium).

On February 19, police detained him in Prahran, a suburb just outside Melbourne’s CBD, when he was allegedly caught with the drugs.

Before he was accused of smuggling ice, Pledger’s life had been on a ‘downward spiral.’

Pledger, a sculpted Adonis on the outside, allegedly sent off alarm bells when filming Channel 7’s The All-New Monty: Guys & Gals in Sydney late in September 2020.

Pledger looked to enjoy his time pulling his gear off on camera for his adoring admirers as if it were a glorified strip show.

Covid had seen Pledger reinvent himself as an Instagram star and part-time music producer after his Home And Away character was killed off in 2019.

He made news in October 2020 when he revealed a new love interest, and Pledger was said to be “the happy” he’d been in a long time.

However, in June 2021, he aroused eyebrows when he filmed himself in the shower and disclosed a lot more than he bargained for.

Pledger briefly exposed his manhood in the raunchy clip.

Before stepping out naked and preening in front of the bathroom mirror, he had been flaunting his ripped physique.

While it was dismissed at the time as a harmless mistake, the Daily Mail Australia has learned that those closest to Pledger were concerned for his well-being.

During an unusual court appearance in July, he requested the magistrate to ‘be gentle’ with him as he sucked from a vaporizer and stroked a black cat.

Pledger has been struggling since leaving Home And Away in 2019, according to a source close to him who preferred to remain anonymous to Daily Mail Australia.

‘Orpheus has been exhibiting this troubling behavior for a time,’ the insider claimed, referring to his return to Melbourne after his character was killed off.

According to insiders, his increasingly unpredictable and concerning behavior persisted after his breakup from his spouse in late 2020.

Since the charges were made public in July 2021, little has been seen on the actor’s Instagram feed.


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