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Former Home and Away star Jodi Gordon opens up on substance abuse struggles

The 39-year-old actress says she fought ‘substance abuse for the most part of my life.’

To commemorate turning 39, former Home and Away actor Jodi Gordon wrote a thoughtful piece recalling her battle with drug addiction.

Before rehab totally changed her life, the actress and model claimed to have fought the illness for “the most part of my life.”

From 2005 to 2010, Gordon portrayed Martha MacKenzie in the Channel 7 soap opera.

In 2022, she finished a 30-day stay in a Sydney recovery center.

Gordon uploaded the video to her Instagram account along with a description of how she overcome her obstacles and how she is now doing.

She added, “I have struggled with substance abuse for the majority of my life; I entered recovery at the age of 24, but I have never been able to stay stopped.”

“On April 7th 2022 I got sober and have stayed sober ever since, completely changing my life in ways I didn’t think were possible.”

She shared that the “bright spot” of her life is someone named Katie who “sees and wants things for me I couldn’t even dream of”.The actress went on to call her mother a “hero” and shared that her father, who died last year was ”proper magic”.

“I always wanted a big family, and I got one with my daughter Aleeia. She is unlike any human I have ever known, so loving, fierce, patient, wise, and curious,” she went on.

Gordon welcomed her daughter in 2014 with her ex-husband, former NRL star Braith Anasta, to whom she was married between 2012 and 2015.

I love being her teacher and student … Thank you Braith for the wonderful gift of a lifetime,” she wrote in her post.

“She is my reason for every day.”

Gordon went on to say her friends are her family and “helped me to create the life I could only dream of today”.

In 2022 the mother spoke out about her battle with depression after her rehab stay, sharing that she was in a “really dark place”.

“There were no smiles at the start of those 30 days,” she told Stellar.

“To find yourself in a place where you have multiple people making the decision for you that you have to admit yourself into a rehab, that’s not a place where you’re smiling.

“I learned so much through connection but also through the tools that you gain in how to start to deal with that pain, that trauma, how to break it down, coping mechanisms.

“And how, once you exit that rehab facility, to start implementing those tools into your life and restructure and build a bigger, better life.”


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