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Former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie returns ‘home’ to Summer Bay

Kate Ritchie, a former star of Home and Away, has returned to Summer Bay, also known as Palm Beach in New South Wales, to spend a “sunny Sunday.”

Fans of the serial remarked it was “great to see Kate in Summer Bay” in response to the actress’ post, which referred to the beach as “home.”

Ritchie shared a selfie while posing in all black from a location that provided a comprehensive view of Palm Beach.

The new AGT judge tweeted, “Heading home and filling my cup today.. #sunnysunday.”

Fans of the television series Home and Away were quick to express their hopes that Ritchie’s character Sally would appear again.

One commenter commented, “Nice to see Kate in Summer Bay.”

Do you mean Palm Beach? Will Sally be returning? Another query.

“Don’t tease me, Ritchie; it’s mean!” a third person chimed in.

A comment stated, “I miss you in Home and Away. Are you going to bring Sally back (on) Home and Away?”

When Ritchie initially arrived in the Bay, she was eight years old. She later developed into a popular favorite.

Between 1988 to 2008, she appeared on the program as Sally Fletcher.

Months after the actress startled social media with a throwback video from her Home and Away days, Ritchie has returned to Summer Bay.

The actress showed a clip from the Channel 7 program in which she appeared on stage with a local band in front of an attentive audience.

In July, Ritchie, who is now a radio personality, commented on Instagram, “I have watched this blast from the past video times tonight.”

“Thinking fondly of all the beautiful people I used to work with.

It’s odd how, in retrospect, I look back on this scene with such fondness while I recall feeling queasy on the day it occurred.

She concluded the message by saying, “There could just be a lesson in it for me.”

A teenage Tammin Sursok, who portrayed Dani Sutherland from 2000 to 2004, was also visible in the video.

Alesha Dixon, a British singer and fellow AGT judge, commented on the video with the words “So cute.”

Other admirers reflected on the “journey down memory lane” in the meantime.

One person commented, “The Home and Away I remember, ohh the nostalgia.”

Ritchie’s secret talent astounded others.

Jacinta Stapleton, an actress, continued, “Whaaaat!!??? I had no idea you could sing.

Another sarcastic supporter quipped, “Better than Dannii Minogue.”

“I adored this time period of the program; it was so classic. The very best role models you could have,” added another.

Oh, how I miss this time period! Thoughts of how long ago this was make me feel ancient, another supporter remarked.

Ritchie is getting ready to serve as a judge on AGT, which will premiere on Channel 7 later this year.

She will share the stage with Dixon, Shane Jacobson, and comedian David Walliams.

The talent show’s filming was finished in July.

Ricki-Lee, a multi-platinum selling musician, comes back to host.

Australian talents will compete against some of the world’s top “Got Talent” acts for the title of AGT Champion, a world first.

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