Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok slams ‘disgusting’ children’s video

    Tammin Sursok, a former Home and Away actor, criticised a children’s programme for running a “disgusting” section.

    The 38-year-old Australian actress criticised the 123 GO! YouTube show and said she would “personally get involved” to have an episode taken down.
    The girl in the episode, which is titled Funniest Lazy People Hacks You Have To Try, appears to be self-conscious about the size of her stomach.

    The narrator says, “Oh my, I used to be very in shape,” as video of the girl eating a tube of “barbeque chips” plays.

    Looking at an old snapshot of herself, the girl remarks, “Look how tight my abs were.” “Are they really not that bad now?”

    The girl then pinches the skin between her fingers as the camera pans to her stomach.

    “Ooh, that extra skin is new,” the narrator says. “Abs are supposed to jiggle right?”

    123 GO! – which according to the website “delivers entertaining and positive videos about everything trending right now” – then provides a tongue-in-cheek beauty hack for taping the girl’s stomach.

    Put one end of the tape on your love handle and grab the other end behind your back. After that, adhere it tightly to the other side. The video gives instructions on how to give your stomach a “very cheap makeover.”

    Sursok, a mother of three, slammed the footage.

    “I’m so angry. This is a show aimed at young girls,” she told her 1.3 million followers on Sunday.

    “I’m going to participate directly. This ought to be off the air and cannot be. hacks designed for seven-year-olds to make your love handles appear smaller.

    Sursok claimed she would learn “further information” in an effort to have the “disgusting” section cut.

    7Life has reached out to TheSoul Publishing – the producers of 123 GO! for comment.

    With her husband, the producer Sean McEwen, Sursok has two daughters, Phoenix, 8, and Lennon, 3.

    In March, the pair relocated to Austin, Texas, after returning to the US from Queensland.

    Sursok felt “extremely out of control” after McEwan nearly passed away from COVID in January 2021, which prompted the move.

    “It was difficult and unpredictable. At the time, she posted on Instagram that all the hospitals were filled and that her son’s 103-degree fever wouldn’t go down for days.

    “COVID exists. It’s frightening. And while I am aware that some people just experience a cold or the flu, some people do not.

    “And all the hospitals are filled, even though my spouse is incredibly healthy and fit.”

    On their 10th wedding anniversary later in 2021, the actress discussed the scare while reflecting on the challenging time for the family.

    On the occasion of our tenth wedding anniversary, to my lovely Sean. Almost lost you a year ago. “I can still feel my heart breaking as I was driving down the street,” the 38-year-old wrote.

    “I can’t think of a memory that doesn’t include you. Without needing you, without smiling, without surviving, without dreaming, and without loving you. You are in my memories.

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