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General Hospital Co-Stars Team Up to Shed Light on a Difficult Experience: ‘The Shame I Felt Was Overwhelming’

Even when they weren’t on a film together, Hayden and Finn shared a strong bond.

Rebecca Budig deserves a lot of credit for speaking her mind. On January 14, she wrote on Instagram, “I had my daughter seven years ago.” “I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety when my daughter was about five months old.”

“What I thought would be the easiest, most joyful time of my life turned out to be one of the hardest,” she continued. “Many women go through it, but the shame I felt was overwhelming.”

Without a question, every mother knows that there is more to delivering a kid into the world than that lovely baby-head aroma. “When you become a mother, there is a lot of pressure,” Hayden’s former (and perhaps future) portrayer said. “It all starts with breastfeeding and goes on from there.” “I’ll get back to you on that.”

Budig revealed himself to a castmate at the moment. “I told my friend Michael Easton (Finn) about what I was going through one day, and he pushed me to write it down. “As a result of it, I created [About a Girl,] a short film based on my experiences,” she stated. “I wrote and directed this picture under Michael’s direction in the hopes of making one woman feel less alone.” That a loved one might become more aware of how someone is feeling.

“I’ll be sharing more about my film and my experience with postpartum in the upcoming weeks,” she added, “but if you would like to see more about the movie please go to @aboutagirlfilm here on Instagram.”

The trailer for the short can be seen above. (This is a language caution for persons who are easily agitated.) You’ll notice some famous faces among the cast, as well as glimpses of Budig’s very real, very raw, and very fascinating performance.

Then, before you go off to read another story, see how things are going between the All My Children alum and General Hospital – Hayden has to return for Violet at some point! — and have a look at the photo gallery below, which uncovers the actual reasons 16 soap stars left their series.


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