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General Hospital Spoilers: Rebecca Budig Speaks Out on Hayden Barnes’ Return – Reveals GH Truth

Rebecca Budig chose to speak up about Hayden Barnes’ return, according to General Hospital (GH) teasers, and said that GH hasn’t contacted her for a comeback. In an interview with SOD, Budig clarified the situation and informed followers about what is truly going on.

Since there has been so much speculation regarding Hayden in recent months, most viewers thought he would return.

The fact that Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) was stranded in Greece with a strange female prisoner added gasoline to the comeback buzz.

Another reason to predict a return was Hamilton Finn’s (Michael Easton) moving toward a romance with Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst).

It’s only natural to construct a tangled web between Hayden, her half-sister, and the man they both want.

As a result, Rebecca Budig has been bombarded with inquiries regarding her plans to return. Because it’s taking so long to get Hayden back on the canvas, some admirers have speculated that Budig may have rejected down an offer.

Budig, on the other hand, was quick to point out that no offer had been made.

Despite the fact that Budig is friendly with the cast and considers Executive Producer Frank Valentini a friend, she hasn’t been asked to fill Hayden’s shoes again.

Budig hasn’t been contacted about a possible return, at least not yet. Of course, it’s possible that plans were altered behind the scenes. Things may have been put back or altered along the way.

Perhaps the show will still contact Rebecca Budig and try to reintroduce Hayden into the mix at some point in the future.

If Finn and Liz’s romance blossoms, we can definitely see Hayden showing up at their wedding!

Budig, on the other hand, confirmed that she hasn’t been asked back to GH yet.

Violet Finn (Jophielle Love) still misses her mother and deserves a heartfelt reunion, so let’s hope the show decides to change that.

According to General Hospital spoilers, more interesting developments are on the way, so stay tuned.


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