GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Sonny Is in Danger!

    In these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers, it’s time to confront the truth! Chase is on the case, Laura knows what Lucy is up to, Finn is concerned about Liz, Alexis is suspicious, Harmony hides her tracks, Willow wants the turmoil to end, and Carly warns Sonny that he may be in grave danger!

    “Relax,” Chase tells someone on the phone. “I’ve got this covered.” One thing he doesn’t have covered is himself, having just jumped out of the shower to answer the call! But it’s good to know he’s on top of things… once he gets dressed!

    Laura sees Lucy outside of Kelly’s and informs her that she is being watched. She murmurs, “I know you’re still dating my brother.” But what is Laura’s true opinion of Lucy and Martin’s relationship?

    Finn is stunned by what he hears from Elizabeth. “You can’t possibly think that the threat is over,” he wonders, concerned. But is she really giving up or just too scared to face the truth?

    Alexis has always had a keen sense of intuition, which she puts to good use as editor in chief of The Invader. She wonders to someone, “Perhaps there’s something more to it than that.” Harmony is still trying to hide her past misdeeds from coming to light at Metro Court. She tells someone on the phone, “That’s what I’m hoping for.”

    Nearby, Michael and Willow are eating at a restaurant table and discussing all of the turmoil surrounding Wiley and Nina’s attempts to gain visitation through any means possible. Willow sighs, “I just want it to be finished.”

    Following the armed robbery attempt, Carly arrives at Charlie’s Pub and agrees with everyone else that Sonny is now regarded as vulnerable, which could lead to more attempts to encroach on his territory. She cautions him, “Your enemies are detecting blood in the water.” Is Sonny able to reclaim control of Port Charles?


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