Georgie Parker, star of Home and Away, reveals she struggled with celebrity at the height of her career

    Georgie Parker, who starred in the TV show Home and Away, has opened up about dealing with stardom during the height of her career.

    The 57-year-old actress admitted to TV Week that combining her job and being a new mother was a challenge for her.

    ‘I got married and become a mum when I won the first Gold Logie. I was split between a lot of things – it was a very stressful time,’ she said.

    ‘The struggle I had was that I’d never chased that kind of success, so when I got it, I was doing it more because I wanted the show to succeed.’

    Georgie Worland married Steve Worland in 1999, and their daughter Holly was born in 2000.

    When her daughter Holly was 17 weeks old, the actress returned to filming All Saints.

    To keep her family life out of the spotlight, she said she had to learn to set some delicate limits.’

    ‘When I became successful on TV, I had to rethink everything, because it wasn’t part of my plan. I just wanted to work. Being recognized was a bit of an obstacle.’

    Georgie rose to prominence after starring in the Australian drama shows All Saints and A Country Practice.

    The homegrown star has won a total of seven Logie Awards.

    Her greatest triumph, however, was winning the prestigious Gold Logie in both 2000 and 2001.

    She joined the cast of Home And Away in 2010 to play Ruth ‘Roo’ Stewart, a role played by Justine Clarke on the iconic TV show.


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