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Home and Away – A mystery woman’s arrival in Summer Bay puts Logan and Mac’s relationship to the test

Who is the mystery woman?

After a bumpy start to their relationship, Mac and Logan are finally on track and more loved-up than ever. But not everything is as it seems…

This week on Home And Away, the pair is celebrating fresh beginnings. Logan (Harley Bonner) has consented to move in and has prepared a candlelight meal for the two of them.

Of course, Bella (Courtney Miller) lives nearby and interrupts their celebration. The girl doesn’t seem to mind that she’s intruding because she can’t seem to warm up to the new doctor. However, Mac (Emily Weir) is sick of treading on eggshells.

Logan knows the solution and dashes out the door to prepare a picnic on the pier. Mac is overjoyed. The bar owner has had a difficult year, dealing with rocky romances and personal lows that have driven her into a downward spiral.
Then, due to Logan’s unwillingness to move in, her relationship with him was on the verge of ending. While Mac isn’t sure why he was so hesitant, she figured it was simply a matter of time. The pair has now found themselves in a nice situation.

”Mac goes a million miles a minute,” Emily says. ”Logan calms her.”

The next day, Mac blisses out in their love bubble – until Logan receives a text. He stammers something, before leaving without reason. His abrupt exit leaves Mac upset and confused. Has she done something wrong?

Walking nearby, a stunned Ziggy sees how close the stranger lingers close to Logan. (Seven)

‘Logan is very guarded about his life and past, which is hard for Mac to fully understand,” Emily says. ”She’s trying to be patient, but often feels rejected when he remains closed off.”

Logan’s plan is revealed on the pier, though. A strange blonde smiles as she approaches him. She takes his hand in hers and tells him she’s traveled all the way to Summer Bay to find him. She claims it’s been nearly two years.
Ziggy, who is walking nearby, is taken aback by the dialogue and the stranger’s proximity to Logan…

Who is this woman and what does this mean for Mac and Logan?


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