Home and Away brings back Doctor Doctor actor Ryan Johnson in new role

    Ryan Johnson has been rehired by Home and Away for a fresh upcoming role.

    Johnson, who recently starred in the Australian medical drama Doctor Doctor, has previously been on the show as Paolo Rosetta in a brief appearance.

    He’ll be back as Peter King, and he’ll be a part of Mackenzie Booth’s plot as she tries to salvage her restaurant from bankruptcy.

    As Mac’s restaurant Salt’s financial plight worsens, she resorts to conducting illegal gambling nights in order to rescue her business.

    Mac is seen taking greater chances by organising the gambling nights in a trailer (above) for upcoming episodes airing in Australia, claiming others the events are her only way out.

    While more information about Johnson’s position has yet to be released, it seems likely that he will be involved in the Salt casino nights, given he is seen in the teaser ordering Mackenzie to “name her price.”

    Emily Weir, who plays Mac on the soap, recently opened up about her character’s reckless decisions, saying it “absolutely makes her feel like she is nearing to hitting rock bottom again”.

    Regarding her decision to host the illegal gambling nights, Weir added: “Initially it’s definitely not in Mackenzie’s mind. But as the idea develops and the stress of the huge debt weighs on Mackenzie, she sees it as an idea that might be a doable solution.”


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