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Home and Away characters: Top 10 heroes we love and villains we hate from three decades of Summer Bay



It’s been more than three decades since Home and Away first aired on television, making Summer Bay feel like a second home. We consider the characters we’ve adored or despised.


Georgie Parker from Home & Away posts images of Alf Stewart on Instagram


Alf Stewart

(Ray Meagher, 1988-present)

We don’t know who is, but if Alf Stewart isn’t Australia’s most iconic TV character, we don’t know who is. When Home and Away premiered in 1988, Alf was one of the show’s initial 18 characters, and would you believe Meagher currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest-serving actor in an Australian series? Alf is known for his no-nonsense demeanor, his liking for ocker headgear, giving out unsolicited advice, and his numerous catchphrases, such as “flamin’ galah!” It’s conceivable that the day Meagher retires and Alf is murdered off will be a national holiday.


TOD TV Home and Away – Lynne McGranger


Irene Roberts

(Lynne McGranger, 1993-present)

When Irene Roberts arrived in the Bay as a washed-up alcoholic, she reminded me a little of Annie’s Miss Hannigan. Once she had regained her composure, this weather-beaten Aussie battler showed she had a golden heart by welcoming a regular stream of wayward, disturbed children into her home for a shoulder to cry on, a hot cup of tea, and a place to stay. Irene is one of the show’s longest-running characters, and the actress who plays her, Lynne McGranger, has become a national treasure.


Brax mourns for Casey in Home and Away – the funeral


Darryl (Brax) Braxton

(Stephen Peacocke, 2011-2016)

Brax, the leader of the criminal surfie group the River Boys, had the town and fans in a spin from the moment he came in Summer Bay. He also had a thing for women. He fell in love with the local cop, Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson), but when she died, he went insane and became a cage fighter, where he was beaten to a pulp. Ricky (Bonnie Sveen) helped him get back on track, and the two had a child together and were happy for a time. Brax, on the other hand, was not one to stay put for long. He’s still out there, and many admirers are hoping for a comeback.



Belle Taylor

(Jessica Tovey, 2006-2009)

Summer Bay was the destination for the wicked girl with a golden heart, who was looking for her birth mother. Belle quickly fell in love with Aden Jefferies, who was sassy, sharp, and outspoken (Todd Lasance). Fans dubbed the couple the “hottest couple” on television at the time. Belle and Aden’s relationship was put to the test several times, notably when he kidnapped her and when she acquired a painkiller addiction and lied to Aden about quitting. Despite everything, Belle and Aden proved to be a strong couple and a tremendous hit with viewers. Before their wedding, Belle learned she had terminal cancer and determined not to inform Aden. Despite the fact that he realized the truth, they married anyhow. In one of the show’s most devastating storylines, Belle died in Aden’s arms.


Home and Away ep 7379


Jasmine Delaney

(Sam Frost, 2017-present)

Since joining the cast in 2017, Jasmine has been through a lot. Her husband was murdered, she suffered from melancholy, and she grew obsessed with having a child to the point of plotting to steal one. Despite everything, she’s quite likable. We first encountered Sam Frost on The Bachelor, when she was hunting for love. When she was dumped by love-rat Blake Garvey, the nation sympathized, but no doubt that experience helped her relate to all the anguish Jasmine would encounter in Summer Bay.



Ricky Sharpe

(Bonnie Sveen, 2013-2016)

Bombshell blonde Ricky Sharpe became the Bay’s sweetheart in no time. Fans dubbed her and Brax “Bricky” because of their romance. From his incarceration to a miscarriage, her short-lived marriage to Cooper (Kyle Pryor), and the birth of her and Brax’s baby, their relationship had its ups and downs. From beginning to end, it was a rollercoaster ride that fans couldn’t get enough of.



Heath Braxton

(Dan Ewing, 2011-2014, 2016-2017, 2021)

Heath (Dan Ewing) was a bad lad, like many newcomers to the Bay. But he changed his ways and became one of the more endearing characters. He was a member of the River Boys and had a history of running afoul of the law, but he softened and married Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley), but not before she punched him in the head on their wedding day after discovering he had cheated on her. In 2021, he reappeared unexpectedly for one night solely to scare away a competing gang.



Angelo Rosetta

(Luke Jacobz, 2008-2011, 2020)

When Angelo shot and killed fellow cop Jack Holden (Paul O’Brien), he became one of the show’s most despised characters. He was arrested and accused of murder, although he pled not guilty. He was subsequently cleared of Jack’s murder, and he and Nicole fled the Bay (Tessa James). Angelo reappeared in 2020, accompanied by his new wife, Taylor (Annabelle Stepheson). Angelo was tasked with investigating the murder of Ross Nixon after rising to the level of a detective (Justin Rosniak). To acquire insight into the inquiry, Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) began sleeping with Taylor. Angelo was able to tape Colby confessing to the crime and then departed the Bay with Taylor in tow once more.



Tane Parata

(Ethan Browne, 2020- present)

Tane has the biggest biceps in the Bay, and he’s a bad boy with the looks to match. When he’s not shredding for gains, Summer Bay’s version of a new-age sensitive man can be found flashing a cheeky smile at the ladies and trying to avoid the high-risk, high-reward world of crime.



Kim Hyde

(Chris Hemsworth, 2004-2007)

A number of young actors earned their big break on the shores of Summer Bay, including Hollywood hunk Chris Hemsworth. He originally won our hearts as Kim Hyde, a sandy-haired surfer who moved to Summer Bay after his father, Barry Hyde (Ivar Kants), got a job as the principal of Summer Bay High. For the part, Hemsworth won the Logie Award for most popular new male talent in 2005 – viewers clearly recognize star potential when they see it.


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