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Home and Away fans outraged by soap’s ridiculous plot line: ‘Who the hell writes this?’

A new storyline involving one of Summer Bay’s most beloved characters has Home and Away fans in an uproar.

The unfolding saga sees diner owner Irene (played by veteran actress Lynne McGranger) under the spell of serial scammer Bronte (Stefanie Caccamo).

Summer Bay newcomer Bronte has been faking a fatal disease and staying with Irene.

Part of Bronte’s scam is that she needs thousands of dollars for ‘special medical treatment’ in Canada, and Irene promised to help raise the funds.

But when news emerges that a leaky pipe in Irene’s diner has contaminated the eatery’s water supply, Bronte claims she’s been harmed.

In a weird turn of events, a guilt-ridden Irene suggests to Bronte to ‘sue the diner’, which the Summer Bay stalwart co-owns with Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

Viewers have have slammed the developing plot line as lacking in credibility Facebook fansite.

‘Who the hell writes this stuff, the storylines are terrible,’ moaned one irate Home and Away viewer.

They continued: ‘Allowing Bronte to sue the diner is totally illegal.

‘Bronte will need a full medical checkup which will find her healthy and Bronte thought it was a great idea.’

‘The sad thing is that there are people like Bronte in real-life!’ another fan added to the thread.

The same viewer pointed out that Irene ‘falling’ under the spell of a scammer seems out of character.

During the 2021 season of the much-loved soap, it was Irene who helped to unmask another scammer, Susie McAllister played by Bridie Carter.

One fan defended the developing plot: ‘The storyline is just showing what lengths people will try to go to to get free money but it doesn’t always work out how you want it to.’

However, one fast-thinking fan did spot a serious hole in the plot.

‘When Bronte puts her address on the form do they really think the insurance company aren’t going to notice they’re the same as the claimant?’ the eagle-eyed viewer asked.

Lynne recently made headlines when she took a huge swipe at Robert Irwin after he was nominated for a Golden Logie.

Robert, 20, has become one of the youngest ever to be considered for the prestigious accolade, which recognises the best in the Australian TV industry.

His nomination comes just months after he made his TV co-hosting debut on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! alongside Julia Morris, who is also up for an award.

Lynne questioned his nomination in the Most Popular Personality category and said he lacked TV experience.

Robert is up against TV veterans Julia, Larry Emdur, Sonia Kruger, Asher Keddie, Andy Lee and Tony Armstrong, with Lynne sharing her surprise that the budding star was also in the running.

‘I’m sorry but ol’mate Irwin has been on telly for a bloody minute!! No disrespect intended,’ she wrote in a cheeky swipe. 

Several viewers said it would be impossible for any insurance company to accept Bronte’s claim against Irene’s diner – a medical review would immediately reveal that the scammer as perfectly healthy

Her comment came in support of her friend Larry, 59, who took to Instagram to share an amusing exchange he had with his friend after his nomination.

He shared a screenshot of a text message where his friend congratulated him on his nomination, before quipping that he’d be ‘voting for Robert Irwin’.

Larry joked in a caption: ‘I’m a lucky guy to have such supportive friends in this brutal Logies battle,’ prompting Lynne’s comment in support of his battle for the Logie.

Lynne has been been a fan favourite on Home and Away ever since she made her debut in the long running soap in 1993.


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