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Home and Away fans slam cheating storyline: ‘Make your mind up’

Is Levi’s affair with Mac about to be uncovered?

Fans of Home and Away are growing weary of the sexy new doctor’s infidelity as his romantic web begins to entangle itself around him.

After saving Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) from certain death, Dr. Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey) caused quite a stir in Summer Bay. The two quickly started an affair, even though Mac was aware that he was married.

Now that Imogen, Levi’s enigmatic spouse, has arrived in the Bay, she has met his sister Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and told him how they fell in love. She also revealed that she is attempting to persuade her husband to have a child with her.

While Levi was left squirming and feeling uncomfortable, his sister Eden took a shine to Imogen… and we can just imagine how this is all going to go down when he’s eventually caught out.

Home and Away fans want better for Mac

Home and Away fans are divided on who’s team they’re on when it comes to Mac V. Imogen, but they can agree that the hot doc needs to make up his mind.

“Imogen is lovely you can see she’s madly in love with her husband Mac needs to back off,” one disgruntled fan said.

“Sorry but Imogen is a great wife, if I was him I would not destroy that relationship to be with Mackenzie,” another fan said.

Some unhappy Mac fans stepped in.

“Can something good happen for Mac finally though,” one person complained. “Make your mind up, pick one Imogen or Mackenzie… I’m on Mackenzie’s side,” another person commented.

“Levi is in the wrong for sure but Imogen seems quite controlling,” one person speculated.

“Although I hate adultery. I think she’s [Imogen] is the wrong fit for Levi,” another commented.

And other fans think, once a cheater, always a cheater.

“If he’ll cheat on his wife for Mac he will do it to Mac as well … once a cheater always a cheater!” one person commented.


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