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Home and Away fans slam ‘dysfunctional’ storyline as they fume ‘you don’t do that’

Home and Away’s newest doctor Levi admitted to Mackenzie that he was married before the pair continued their fling anyway, leaving several viewers furious over the storyline

Fans of Home and Away criticized the “dysfunctional” soap opera for Mackenzie and Levi’s relationship.

As Summer Bay’s newest physician Levi (Tristan Gorey) continued to care for Mackenzie (Emily Weir), she got closer to him. After the fundraiser, the two shared a kiss as their flame became more than just a spark.

Mali (Kyle Shilling) couldn’t contain his disdain of his friend dating Mackenzie’s doctor, even though she is overjoyed. In the Australian soap opera that aired on Thursday, March 21, Levi continued to assist Mackenzie with her recuperation by going with her to doctor’s visits and providing rides when necessary.

But during a romantic walk on the beach, Mackenzie questioned why Levi was so cagey about them being together. She determined that they’re both on the same page as they both want each other, therefore nothing should be standing in their way.

That evening, things were heating up before Levi suddenly made a quick exit. Levi returned the next day and finally confessed his secret – he is married.

Needing answers, Mackenzie headed to his hotel room to find out why he has cheated on his wife. She determined there must be issues in their marriage for Levi to sway from his wife.

But Levi’s answer shocked her. The doctor revealed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his marriage, his feelings simply changed because he met Mackenzie.

Mackenzie proposed that they need to get each other out of their systems, and they spent the night together. Everything was blissful when they woke up in each other’s arms the next morning, but their happiness was short-lived when Levi’s phone started ringing – with his wife on the other end.

Viewers were floored by the scenes, sharing their thoughts online. “Hot or Not – you don’t do this to your spouse! If you want to, end the marriage/relationship first,” one fan fumed.

A second wrote: “Why can’t there be a wholesome marriage relationship in H&A? Such a dysfunctional show now”. Meanwhile a third chipped in: “Mac always has car crash relationships.”


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