Home and Away flashback: Every Summer Bay heartthrob Bec Hewitt’s character Hayley was romantically linked to

    Summer Bay is a place where steamy trysts, tragic failure, and scandalous love triangles are all part of daily life.

    And no one knows this better than Hayley Smith, who was played by Bec Hewitt (nee Cartwright) from 1998 to 2005.

    Bec’s character Hayley drew the attention of many genetically blessed heartthrobs during her seven years on Home and Away.

    Hayley faced everything from pregnancy dramas and infidelity to crushing sadness and gut-wrenching trauma thanks to the men in her life through her many passionate romances.

    We’re looking back on all the major men in Hayley’s life during her time on Home and Away, from young love to true love.

    am and Hayley

    Oh, the joys of youth! Soon after Bec’s character was revealed, Hayley and Sam (Bondi Rescue’s Ryan “Whippet” Clark) became friends. The teenagers became friends because of their risky graffiti habits, and they later went through a horrific hostage situation together until their friendship was shattered when Sam treated her badly after a night together.

    Hayley and Mitch

    Love triangles are popular in Summer Bay, so it was only a matter of time before Hayley became embroiled in one. When Mitch McColl (Cameron Welsh), a new boy from the wrong side of the tracks, arrived in town, Hayley caught his eye. When Hayley chose Mitch over him, Sam was heartbroken, only for Hayley to have her own heartbroken when Mitch slept with Gypsy (Kimberly Cooper).

    Hayley and Noah

    Hayley started to go off the rails following her father’s tragic death, getting herself into trouble after partying with the wrong crowd – only to be rescued by enigmatic motorcyclist Noah Lawson (Beau Brady).

    The two became Summer Bay’s ultimate IT couple of the 2000s period, and even managed to pull off 80s-themed fancy dress parties.

    Despite their challenges, Noah is Hayley’s one true love.

    On and off-screen, the pair soon fell in love, finally marrying in an iconic Home and Away wedding. But true love didn’t always run smoothly in Summer Bay, and Noah was tragically murdered by deranged stalker Sarah Lewis (Luisa Hastings-Edge).

    Hayley and Josh

    Hayley and Noah’s relationship was rocked by a cheating scandal before Noah’s death when the blonde beauty kissed their housemate Josh West (Daniel Collopy). Despite the fact that Noah and Hayley divorced and she began dating Josh, their relationship ended in the soapiest way possible! She called it off after Alf (Ray Meagher) warned her that he was having visions of the couple’s future and that she would be miserable.

    Hayley and Alex

    Alex (Danny Raco) was a beloved member of Summer Bay and close friends with Hayley for years before they brought their relationship to the next level as Leah’s brother.

    Alex became addicted to steroids and fell for his ex-boyfriend Brodie, in a dramatic twist. When Hayley was in a car accident not long after, she lost her memory, and Alex and Brodie had to figure out how to tell her they were back together. They then tried to stop it entirely by convincing her they were “moving away,” and when Hayley’s memory returned, she found solace in her ex-boyfriend Noah.

    Hayley and Kim

    A steamy on-screen romance once engulfed two iconic Home and Away stars! After Noah’s death, Chris Hemsworth’s Kim and Bec Hewitt’s Hayley married.
    And in between takes, the two looked adorable!

    Love triangle

    However, Hayley’s love triangle issues resurfaced when she got involved with Scott Hunter (Kip Gamblin) and eventually became pregnant. Hayley faced a tough decision when she couldn’t find out if Kim or Scott was the father.

    Hayley and Scott

    Though it was initially believed that Hayley’s baby was Kim’s, blood tests revealed that he is not the father. Despite her feelings for Scott, Hayley went on with her wedding plans to fiancé Kim until the day of the wedding, when she ran straight into Scott’s arms. The couple and their son, Noah, said their goodbyes to the Bay.


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