Home and Away former star Sarah Roberts and her stepdaughter Scout Stewart’s sweetest moments

    Sarah Roberts was beginning life with not only her Home and Away co-star James Stewart, but also his daughter, Scout when she fell in love with him.

    Sarah became a stepmother nearly immediately after marrying in 2019.

    Sarah may not be Scout’s biological mother (that honor belongs to James’ ex Jessica Marais), but their unbreakable friendship has shown that love isn’t confined to blood kin over the years.

    Since falling in love, she and her husband James Stewart have made Scout the center of their lives, but Sarah’s attachment with the nine-year-old has become even stronger in the last two years.

    “I particularly noticed during lockdown – because I was in the trenches home-schooling, cooking, and cleaning – Scout became like my little best friend and my little shadow,” Sarah told the Australian Women’s Weekly in 2021.

    “We talk about everything now and it’s a great relationship that I really cherish because we’ve built it from the ground up.”

    Sarah and Scout got dolled up for a backyard picnic to celebrate the Melbourne Cup.

    “You can take the girl outta Melbourne but you can’t take Melbourne outta the girl! Happy Melbourne Cup with my little filly 🏆👯‍♀️🥂” Sarah captioned this sweet post from November 2021.(Image: Instagram)

    For Sarah and Scout, the COVID-19 lockdown was the catalyst for their bond becoming even stronger.

    “Covid for me I got to spend a lot of solid time with Jimmy and Scout, which was great for us as a family unit. We really grew together,” Sarah told the How To…Life podcast.

    Sarah and Scout could be mistaken for biological mother and daughter in this snap taken in November 2021!

    “Makeup bag raided & photobombed by today’s makeup artist. I pay her in Oreos (I’m aware it’s a pretty sweet deal…) so I guess I’ll let her get away with it!” Sarah captioned this post.

    From the very beginning of her romance with James, nine-year-old Scout was Sarah’s number one priority.

    “We didn’t want Scout having some girl whizzing in and out of her life,” she said in 2021.

    “I wanted to be a stable adult in her life and we didn’t want to bring that up or make it public unless it was going to be a safe environment for Scout. That always came first to us and work came second to that.”

    Trick or treat! Sarah and Scout put on their best fancy dress for Halloween in 2021.

    Sarah has previously joked that James gets jealous of the girls’ club she and Scout have formed together.

    “We gang up on him sometimes, it’s really funny,” she told the Australian Women’s Weekly.

    Sarah has previously admitted that when picturing what her future would hold, the idea of becoming a step-mother didn’t quite jump to mind.

    “My life now is nothing like I thought it would be. Never in a million years did I think I would be a step mum. I think step mums get a really bad wrap,” she said.(Image: Instagram)

    Happy families! Sarah and James regularly spend time with Scout’s mother, Packed to the Rafters actress Jessica Marais.

    “Scout and I are both really lucky to have each other in our lives. She’s teaching me so much and I feel like I’m teaching her a lot,” Sarah gushed in 2020.

    “I know eventually one day our time will come and we are able to give her a brother or a sister.”

    (Image: Instagram)

    While Sarah, 37, doesn’t have any biological kids of her own, she’s open to becoming a mum one day.

    “I know eventually one day our time will come and we are able to give [Scout] a brother or a sister,” she said in 2020.(Image: Instagram)

    “In Cinderella the stepmum is awful! I want to rebrand that. It’s challenging but it’s so rewarding at times, too.”(Image: Instagram)


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