Home and Away: Grieving Mia Anderson goes walking in her sleep!

    Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) discovers Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) sleepwalking in Home and Away.

    Mia Anderson has decided to attempt to move on after Ari Parata’s death, but it won’t be easy…

    She takes one stride forwards and then takes two steps back!

    Mia’s resolve has been shattered after getting both her marriage certificate and Ari’s death certificate at the same time…

    That’s logical, given that Ari passed away only a few weeks after exchanging vows with Mia in a deathbed wedding!

    Tane Parata is concerned about Mia’s well-being, but she insists on some privacy and says there’s nothing he can do to help her feel better.

    Maybe she should tell that to the wine she drinks after she’s discovered slumped at Salt’s bar!

    Tane saves the day when Mia demands more wine from Felicity (Jacqui Purvis).

    Felicity and Tane go to check on Mia after she wanders home to sleep it off, only to discover that she’s gone!

    Tane runs out into the night in search of her, only to find Mia sleepwalking on the pier, seemingly looking for Ari!

    Tane brings Mia home and puts her to bed, but he can’t help but wonder whether this is only the beginning for his bereaved sister-in-law…

    Felicity, on the other hand, is attempting to give Tane some space following their painful chat regarding their love…

    After he said he could see them having a future together, Felicity went into a spin about being in a committed relationship and stated that while he could picture them getting married and having children, she couldn’t.

    Felicity has kept her distance from Tane since then, but she wants to know where they stand today.

    Tane has had time to reflect, and she fears the worst for their relationship.

    Ari’s death has taught him that the future may vanish in a heartbeat, therefore the only thing that matters now is the present – which includes his relationship with Felicity.

    Felicity leaps for delight as the pair reunites, relieved that their differences have been resolved…

    Justin Morgan (James Stewart) is forced to come clean to Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) after being caught in his deception regarding Leah Patterson-(Ada Baker’s Nicodemou) whereabouts. He explains that Leah is with Theo’s father Dimitri, attempting to mend the divide between father and son.

    But because Justin and Leah are unaware of Dimitri’s traumatic past, they are unaware that any attempt at reconciliation will be futile because he refuses to have anything to do with his father!

    Theo believes Leah’s ultimate motivation is to get rid of him, but Justin is adamant that this is not the case, and he chooses to show how much he means to them by providing him an apprenticeship at Summer Bay Auto!

    However, this occurs just minutes after Theo expressed his displeasure, putting Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) in the firing line… As a result, she isn’t enthusiastic on the concept.

    Justin has no idea what I’m talking about. Why isn’t Ziggy interested in hiring Theo as an apprentice?

    Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) returns to Summer Bay after a long absence and reunites with her pal Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker).

    Alf (Ray Meagher) also arrives from Merimbula, and he has some awful news for Martha…

    As it turns out, Martha has taken a turn for the worse, and Alf sadly advises Roo to prepare for the worst.

    Roo chooses to pay a visit to her mother in Merimbula, believing she may only have a short time with her.

    But, because Roo is still irritated by Martha’s refusal of a kidney transplant, Alf advises his daughter to keep her emotions in check and be gentle with her mother.


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