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Home and Away Harper star joined by real father on soap after family heartbreak

Home and Away viewers were introduced to Harper Matheson star Jessica Redmayne’s real father as he made an unexpected cameo on the soap shortly after a family tragedy

Paul Redmayne, Jessica Redmayne’s father, made an unexpected appearance on the Australian serial opera Home and Away.

The actress arrived in Summer Bay with her sister Dana (Ally Harris) at the end of 2023, marking her debut appearance as Harper Matheson. Jessica talked candidly about her mother Christine’s tragic struggle with dementia not long after her debut.

Christine bravely battled the illness for nine years, but sadly passed away in October. Paul’s surprise TV appearance was all the more heartbreaking because it coincided with their family’s recent heartbreak.

Jessica announced her father’s cameo in a Facebook post, sharing a number of snaps of Paul on the set. She wrote: “Tonight’s the night! Not one but TWO Redmaynes will share the screen.

“When you see Alf ordering a coffee from Irene get ready to pay close attention to who is sipping a tea behind Harper’s head.” In one snap, Paul posed alongside a number of Jessica’s co-stars, including Ray Meagher, Georgie Parker, Lynne McGranger, Ally Harris, and Shane Withington.

Sharing more about briefly sharing the screen with her dad, Jessica told 7Life it was “not every day you get to bring your real Dad to Summer Bay! It was such a joy to have him on set with me and show him my work life.”

As a representative for Dementia Australia, Jessica has been transparent about her mother’s struggle with the “invisible” illness. Jessica shared the sad news of Christine’s passing on Instagram.

“Last Thursday in the wee hours of the morning, Mum’s journey peacefully came to an end,” the actress said. How fortunate I was to grow up with a woman of her caliber. She was wise and kind, witty and loving, and compassionate.”

Jessica went on, “She was the hardest-working person I’ve ever known and would do anything for anyone.” Without a doubt, she is the reason I am who I am.

“She always believed that I could accomplish anything if I set my mind to it, and she constantly inspired me to aim high. She used to say, “Good night, love you, don’t forget,” to me every night when I was a young child.

Jessica went on, “Maybe that was her way of prematurely reminding me that even though her memory took her away from us in her final years, she would never forget how deeply she loved us.” Her heartfelt post was concluded with the words, “Good night, Mum, I love you, don’t forget x.”


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