Home and Away; Has Dean Thompson solved Mackenzie’s debt problem?

    In-Home and Away, Dean Thompson (played by Patrick O’Connor) believes he’s found a method to aid Mackenzie (Emily Booth), who is in debt.

    Mackenzie has recently discovered that she is deeply in debt as a result of her insurance claim for last year’s gas attack being denied.

    But, for the evening, she decides to put her problems aside and spend time with her lover Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner).

    She hopes that a little romance will take her mind off things, but not even a half-naked Logan can take her mind off the challenge of figuring out how she’ll pay her expenses.

    Later, Mackenzie’s brother Dean reveals that he’s had an idea.

    He advises that they ask their father for money, but she flatly refuses and instead seeks to solve the problem by making some difficult business decisions…

    Meanwhile, Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) is still reeling from his shift reductions and the cancellation of his cocktail menu.

    However, when he discovers Mackenzie’s scrunched-up letter from the insurance company, he quickly realizes what’s going on and chooses to work with Dean to help Mackenzie fix her debt problem.

    Ryder betrays Mackenzie’s confidence by logging into Salt’s accounts, shocking both him and Dean.

    The debt is far worse than they had anticipated. It’ll take a miracle to get this fixed!

    Dean goes ahead and accomplishes it anyhow, despite Mackenzie’s refusal to ask their father, Rick Booth, for assistance.

    Later, Mackenzie is astonished to receive a call from Rick and is enraged to learn that Dean has told him everything about her situation, so she tracks down her brother and gives him an earful!

    Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) calls to inform Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) that her father has died on official business, but the Summer Bay officer is taken aback by his girlfriend’s cool reply…

    Roo (Georgie Parker) is concerned that she may not have another chance to make peace with her mother after learning that Martha Stewart (Belinda Giblin) doesn’t have much time left, so she resolves to call… Will the mother and daughter ever be reunited?


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