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Home and Away heartbreak as Chloe flees and Nik and Bella split

Since Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan) and other members of the Death Adders Motorcycle Club arrived, the Parata family has been stuck in an unthinkable predicament.

Tane (Ethan Browne) is left to pick up the pieces after Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) passed away and Mia (Anna Samson) left, despite the fact that the bikies hold a grudge against Ari because he stole money from them more than ten years ago and used it to purchase the gym.

When Tane was taken to their headquarters by commander Marty (Ben Wood) last week, he learned that they anticipated him to repay them in full, plus interest, for a total of $225,000.Tane determined that selling the gym was his only choice because he knew there was no way he could raise that much money. But the bikers had a better plan; they intended to hire one of their own to work in the gym and use the establishment as a means of money laundering.

They realised they were in a difficult situation when Tane finally told Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) what had been going on. Nikau was terrified. The bikies are aware of Tane’s girlfriend Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Ari’s stepdaughter Chloe (Sam Barrett), and they aren’t scared to involve them if Tane doesn’t agree with their plan because Tex has done his research on the family.

Nik’s sudden desire to serve as her personal bodyguard perplexed Chloe. After promising her there was nothing to worry about while he was there, he finally admitted there was some harmful activity going on but did not elaborate.

Next week when they meet again, Tane tells Tex that there’s a high chance that selling the gym will bring in much more money than what the bikers are demanding, but Tex doesn’t fall for the ruse. There’s no way they’re going to let Tane just pay them off so they disappear because the business is considerably more useful to them as it is.

Then, Tex says that they have a transaction coming up the following week, which will be the ideal chance to test their new working relationship, and if Tane cares about Chloe, he won’t object.

Nik is astonished to hear Tane and Tex talking; he had no idea that the chill guy who had been hanging out with them for weeks was a biker. But while they talk about how to keep Chloe safe, that is the least of his concerns.

Tane gives her a list of tasks to complete in the gym knowing that she will be safe while at work, but when Tane and Nik go home, Tex and his friends show up on their motorcycles as a form of intimidation.

Tane realises as they linger outside the home that they are merely there to watch that none of them go.

Nik and Tane feel they need to take action right away because they can’t risk Chloe’s safety. Nik stays put and gathers some of her belongings as Tane slips away through the backyard garden to get Chloe.

While Tane rushes her to a motel and assures her that Mia in New Zealand is secure, Chloe finds it difficult to process anything.

Then Tane says that sending Chloe to New Zealand with him is the only way he can ensure her safety.

Chloe tells them that they can’t make her go; why can’t she just go to the city when Nik later shows up with her belongings and passport.

Tane reveals that she will be reunited with both Mia and Nik’s mother Gemma and that the Parata whanau in New Zealand will be able to give safety (Bree Peters). Tane adds that it means they won’t be able to approach her using other people she cares about, like her boyfriend Theo (Matt Evans).

Theo is ecstatic about getting the job as lead vocalist for Lyrik after his audition went well, and Chloe had to ignore his calls to let her know the good news. When Chloe does respond, she is compelled to explain that she must leave for a few days due to some family matters.

Theo is unhappy, but he has no idea that he won’t see Chloe ever again.

The following day, Chloe is picked up by Tane’s cousin Kiri and driven to the airport. Chloe wonders if she may phone Theo to say goodbye from there.

However, Tane argues that even that would be too risky. When the time comes, Chloe will have to beg Nik to apologise to Theo on her behalf.

Despite their recent disagreements, Chloe and Nik bid each other a fond farewell as Nik declines Tane’s offer to travel with her. He has no intention of leaving Tane to handle this situation alone.

After saying her goodbyes, Chloe gives Nik and Tane one final glance before leaving Summer Bay.

Meanwhile, Flick is not pleased to see Tex show up in Salt and tells him to go after learning the truth about what is happening from Tane.

Before calling Marty to inform him that Tane has been speaking, Tex agrees and warns her that he’ll be seeing her again. Later, when Chloe has left the bay, Tex is upset and tells Tane that he can’t keep everyone he cares about hidden.

Back at the Parata home, Nik is left wondering if he can ensure the safety of his love Bella (Courtney Miller) in light of Tane’s warning regarding the threat to Theo.

Bella is currently in New York for a three-month work placement with her former mentor Emmett (J.R. Reyne), but Nik is aware that Bella might become a target as her time there draws to a close.

Nik fights with his emotions as he makes a video call to Bella while knowing what he must do.

Bella tells that they’re almost finished with the job and she’s leaving early as soon as we arrive in New York.

Nik ought to be thrilled, but instead he solemnly orders her to go again.

It takes Bella a while to realise that he is completely serious when he says that he doesn’t want her to return to Summer Bay because there is nothing for her to do there.

Nik puts on a brave face while he dismisses Bella’s cries for an explanation and sternly advises her not to call him again since he won’t pick up.

Bella and Nik both start crying as Nik hangs up, making it appear like the end is indeed near.

Bella and Nik both start crying as Nik hangs up, making it appear like the end is indeed near.


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