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Home and Away reveals Ryder burial aftermath in 20 spoiler pictures

Your full collection of photos revealing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, March 14.

Mia and Dean talk

Dean tells Mia that he knows Ari is innocent, Mia hopes that Dean won’t rock the boat.

Felicity and Tane have given into temptation, They spend time together in Felicity’s caravan.

 Tane is breaking his own rules, He had previously told the Parata family to keep their distance from partners while they close ranks over Matthew’s murder.

Felicity is confused, She points out that Ari’s confession is already public knowledge.

 Tane is vague in response, He admits that there are still things he can’t tell Felicity about the Ari situation.

Ryder is still struggling, The recent burial challenge is playing on his mind, especially with Alf being so harsh in his judgment over what happened.

Jasmine spots that Ryder needs help, She rushes over with Cash.

Jasmine spots that Ryder needs help, She rushes over with Cash.

Jasmine shows her support, She sits down with Ryder.

Jasmine knows some helpful techniques, She encourages Ryder to take some deep breaths.

Jasmine is relieved when Ryder starts to improve, Her help works.

Jasmine and Cash face another drama, Alf wants a word.

Alf wants justice, He insists that Theo should be arrested for attempted murder over the burial challenge.

Cash dismisses Alf’s outburst, There’s no chance of charges, as Ryder was buried of his own free will.

Jasmine notices Alf isn’t his usual self, He’s not usually this angry. Well, most of the time…

Jasmine is thoughtful, She has found out that Mia is determined to marry Ari, even if the ceremony has to take place in prison.

Jasmine reflects on the past, She thinks about her marriage to Robbo.

Jasmine is happy with how her current relationship is going, She seems to be in a good place with Cash.

Jasmine and Cash kiss, Jasmine’s sad memories are remedied by the arrival of Cash in her life. Cash assures her that he isn’t going anywhere.


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