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Home and Away reveals shock shooting drama in 17 spoiler pictures

Your full collection of photos showing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, September 12.

Monday, September 12: Rose is on a dangerous mission

She has been listening in while Tane wore a wire and spoke to the biker gang, hoping that leader Marty would say enough to incriminate himself.

Monday, September 12: Rose and her colleagues swoop in after Tane gets the confession they needed

Marty slipped up by speaking about his money laundering plan while the police were listening in.

Monday, September 12: Rose is left devastated

The mission goes wrong when Cash is shot. As Cash wasn’t wearing a bulletproof jacket, he’s now fighting for his life.

Tuesday, September 13: Paramedics arrive on the scene

Cash needs emergency treatment.

Tuesday, September 13: Rose is traumatised

She still has strong feelings for Cash and is distraught over what happened to him.

Tuesday, September 13: Xander is at the scene

He works with the emergency team.

Tuesday, September 13: Xander is under pressure

It’s always a tough case when he needs to help save somebody he knows.

Tuesday, September 13: The pressure could get too much for the Delaney siblings

Will Cash pull through?

Wednesday, September 14: The drama continues at the hospital

Felicity blames Rose for not overseeing the police operation properly and letting Cash go in without a bulletproof jacket.

Wednesday, September 14: Irene is shaken

Cash’s future remains uncertain.

Wednesday, September 14: New doctor Bree Cameron makes her first appearance

Juliet Godwin has taken on the role.

Wednesday, September 14: Bree explains Cash’s condition

Although things are improving, he’s not out of the woods yet.

Wednesday, September 14: Bree tries to support everyone

The new doctor is Home and Away‘s latest regular character.

Thursday, September 15: Roo is looking to the future

She has decided to get back into tutoring.

Thursday, September 15: Roo has put up a poster at the Diner

She advertises her tutoring services.

Thursday, September 15: Roo gets excited over people taking tabs from her poster

She’s unaware that Marilyn is responsible for this, wanting to boost her confidence.



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