Home and Away reveals tragic death aftermath in 16 spoiler pictures



    Your full collection of photos showing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, April 18.



    Mia approaches Cash for help, She’s continuing to grieve following Ari’s recent death.



    Mia explains what’s on her mind, She’d like to know what will happen to the Matthew murder case now that Ari has passed away.



    Mia secretly feels guilty, Ari selflessly took the fall for Mia and Chloe when Matthew was killed.



    Cash offers reassurances, He confirms that the case is closed and everyone can move on.



     Alf confides in Roo, He has decided to visit Martha in Merimbula for a while.



    Roo is thoughtful, Alf has invited Roo to join him on the trip.



    Roo has lots to think about, She has been struggling to forgive Martha for not accepting her offer of the kidney transplant. Roo fears that Martha is giving up on life.



    Alf tries to respect Roo’s wishes either way, He promises that Roo is free to do as she pleases, but Alf and Martha would love to have her come to Merimbula. Roo feels torn over what to do.



    Tane is back in the Bay, He has returned from New Zealand, after traveling there with Nikau to take Ari’s body back home.



    Felicity is taken by surprise, She’s thrilled to see Tane back.



    Tane appears to be in better spirits, He sees the funny side of catching Felicity mid-boogie while listening to music at the caravan park.



    Felicity is keen to support Tane in any way she can, Nikau has encouraged Tane to accept Felicity’s help, rather than focusing so much attention on supporting everyone else.



    Ziggy, John and Dean are all anxious to help, They brainstorm ways to support the Paratas.



    The trio discusses a fundraiser, They want to help get the gym back on track, covering the recent loss of income.



    Ziggy thinks it’s a good idea, But they don’t want to proceed without the family’s blessing.



    The idea gets a mixed reaction, While Tane is grateful, Mia takes some convincing.


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