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Home and Away: Roo rushes to save Ryder as he loses consciousness in a buried coffin, but will he survive the prank gone wrong?

“Ryder realises that it’s no longer a joke and he’s in serious trouble.”

Trapped underground in the darkness, Ryder’s breath become ragged.

He has been lying inside a coffin, buried beneath the soil for hours and his calls to Theo have gone unanswered.

On his way back to get Ryder out of the grave, Theo has unknowingly slipped down a ravine. Time is running out, and the only person who can assist is now unconscious!

Will their foolish prank become Ryder’s last moments?

Theo has fallen down a ravine on his way back to pull Ryder out from the grave. (Seven)

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) is running out of oxygen in the horrific season return of Home and Away. The teen checks the live feed where their prank is streaming as his phone battery runs out.

One viewer claims that he has only 19 minutes until he runs out of air. Ryder laughs it off because he doesn’t want to reveal his worry, but panic has taken hold.

“When Theo stops answering the phone, he realizes it’s no longer a joke and he’s in serious trouble,” says Lukas, 27.

Theo (Matt Evans), who lives nearby, wakes up with his leg caught in barbed wire and his phone out of reach. He is unable to express what has occurred to Ryder, and his leg is in excruciating pain. No one knows where they are, and night has descended upon them.

The prank, while dangerous, was a desperate avenue for Ryder to repay his family. (Seven)

While perilous, Ryder’s prank was a last-ditch effort to repay his family. He borrowed money from Alf (Ray Meagher) and Roo (Georgie Parker) to start his catering business, and when it failed, he promised to repay them. It may now cost him his life.

“After losing the food truck without insurance,” Lukas continues, “he feels a tremendous sense of duty and obligation and believes this is the only way to make enough money to pay everyone back.”

Back in Summer Bay, Alf and Justin (James Stewart) cross paths and ask each other the same question: “Have you seen Ryder and Theo?”.

Surprised to hear that neither of them has come home, alarm bells ring.

In the coffin, Ryder’s phone slips from his hand and he loses consciousness. (Seven)

Justin tracks to Roo to see if she has any information about their whereabouts, but she confirms his worst fears: they’re disappeared.

Justin accesses their video library and locates the burial challenge. Roo recognizes the location, and the two set out to find them.

But it could all be too late. In the coffin, Ryder’s phone slips from his hand and he loses consciousness.

Hang on, Ryder!


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