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Home and Away spoilers: Can Cash save Stevie before it’s too late?

As a red-carpet event for her new movie nears, film star Stevie thinks it’s finally safe to come out of hiding and be with her fans. But with her stalker still on the loose, Cash is furious – this could be the worst idea she’s ever had.

Everyone will know exactly where Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies) will be and what time she’ll be there, making it an attacker’s dream. But Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has been fired as her bodyguard, so what can he do?

“Cash knows that the danger facing Stevie is real and it’s escalating,” Nicholas, 36, tells TV WEEK. “Just because Stevie fired him doesn’t mean Cash can turn off the part of himself that cares about her safety.”

After talking through his choices with Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Cash decides the risk is too high and he’s going to keep Stevie safe – whether she likes it or not!

Arriving at the event, he’s horrified at how easily he can walk straight in. He realises that if he can, anyone could.

“He sees that Stevie has put herself in a dangerous position,” Nicholas explains. “No-one is checking the fans attending the event, so a stalker could easily get close.”

Pointing this out to Stevie, he manages to convince her it might not be a bad idea to have him stick around. And it doesn’t take long for her to see he was right when the stalker suddenly lunges from the crowd.

“Cash doesn’t know what the stalker is capable of,” Nicholas says. “So he takes the opportunity to end the threat.”

Will he be able to stop the attack in time? Or has Stevie’s choice to put the spotlight ahead of her safety pushed her luck one time too many?


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